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Nutrient Cycle Timing

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5 thoughts on “Nutrient Cycle Timing

  1. Larry Jablonski says:

    I have one question I can’t find an answer for anywhere. ..how long into flower do I feed nutes to a 70-80 day sativa? Normally I’d go about 6 week’s and then flush for 10-14 days buy those are mostly short flowering Indica. Please help…

  2. Jeff says:

    Not a commet but a question.. Should I water one day, next day nothing and then next day feed with nutes and so on.. I’m new to this so any input would be appreciated.. Thanks

    • charles says:

      I’m in coco and water every other day feed,feed,then what I call my carb day …feed,feed,carbs….I never give my plants straight water untell I flush to harvest

  3. manuel acuna says:

    I am currently operating an 8 room grow we use reservoirs to feed to the trays and using emitters into the pots however I’m not a real big fan of this watering system as it seems to leave a huge amount of residue and other trace elements in the feeding lines even when it comes time to flush we still have huge trace amounts in all of the feeding lines therefore can’t possibly be getting a good flush does anyone else use a different watering system that will not leave huge trace amounts of residues in the feeding lines I know that hand feeding is an option but takes a lot longer any

    • beerad says:

      I flush with lightly chlorinated water, my emitters are 10gph drippers one for each plant. It cleans the tubes and loosens up any mineral buildup in the root system allowing them to absorb water on demand. This causes wilting for a few hours so stop the flush as soon as you see wilting or any signs that it may start to wilt. The plants bounce right back after some pure water is reintroduced

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