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Best Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Best Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Many argue that cannabis Sativa is the original marijuana. While we may never know for certain the order in which Indica and Sativa cannabis evolved, we do know that Sativa was the first to be widely used by early humans. The name Sativa means “cultivated” and cannabis Sativa was indeed used as far back as 10,000 BC for its hemp fibers. Today Sativa refers to the tall, lanky, Christmas tree-esque marijuana that delivers a powerful, psychoactive cerebral high.

Tall and Rangy, Cannabis Sativa is Adapted to Tropical Climates

Best Top Ten Seeds.

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Super Lemon Haze from Green House Seeds

80% Sativa20%+ THC4500 g/m2

Durban Poison

100% Sativa8-14% THCup to 700 g/m2

Strawberry Cough from Dutch Passion

80% Sativa15-18% THC300-400 g/m2

Sour Diesel

100% Sativa20%+ THC500 g/m2

Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds

55% Sativa15-20% THC400 g/m2

Trainwreck from Green House Seeds

90% Sativa21.7% THCup to 700 g/m2

Blue Dream from Humboldt Seeds

80% Sativa18% THC600 g/m2

Purple Power from Nirvana

100% Sativa15-20% THC500-700 g/m2

Kali Mist from Serious Seeds

90% Sativa15% THC500 g/m2

Amnesia Haze from Barney's Farm

80% Sativa15%+ THCup to 2lb/plant

Bonus - Best Sativa Strains


Alaskan Thunderfuck

80% Sativa20% THC350 g/m2

White Widow (a classic)

60% Sativa20%+ THC450 g/m2

Chocolope from DNA Genetics

95% Sativa15-20% THC500 g/m2
Cannabis Indica, in contrast, is short and squat with broad leaves. When smoked it yields body effects, producing a narcotic, pain-killing stoned sensation.

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Cannabis Sativa originated in the tropical and subtropical parts of India and Southeast Asia. There is evidence that cannabis Sativa was used Taiwan for its fiber around 8000 B.C. It made its way across China, where it was listed in 2700 B.C. in Emperor She-Nung’s book of medicine as a cure to conditions of “low Yin” such as menstrual problems, absentmindedness and even malaria.The Region of Eastern China where Cannabis Sativa was Grown by 200 B.C.Cannabis Sativa was also used for its seeds as a source of food, and hemp fiber made the pulp for early paper. However, the psychoactive effects of Sativa are not mentioned much until around 1000 B.C. in India, where cannabis Sativa served important religious and spiritual functions. Today it is used popularly as a recreational drug. It is also taken as medicine by those suffering from mental and emotional illness such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.


Sativa marijuana evolved in the tropical and subtropical regions of India and Southeast Asia. Today it is found around the world in like climates: Mexico, Thailand, Columbia and even South Africa. The traits that allow cannabis Sativa to thrive in hot and often humid weather can make it challenging in the grow room.Sativa’s Equatorial Origins Affect Its Growth Patterns
  • Tall and slender, Sativa can reach over ten feet in height, with a classic Christmas tree shape. Its size makes it a challenge for novice growers. If you can find the right strain for your climate, an outdoor grow may be the best option.
  • Sativa has long fingered delicate leaves that are light green in color due to a low amount of chlorophyll. This means the plants require greater intensity light than their Indica counterparts to achieve maximal growth.
The Intricate Veins on the Back of a Sativa Leaf Identify it from Indica Leaves
  • Sativas flower slowly, an adaptation to the long tropical growing season. They may take 10-14 weeks to finish flowering, which can be a problem if you need a quick harvest or have a short outdoor season.
  • Sativas tend to form a numerous, hairy buds making them unsuited for Sea of Green set-ups. However, this does make the buds less prone to bud rot and mold by allowing for ample air circulation.
Sativas grow tall, fast and strong, able to compete in a tropical jungle environment. They flower slowly, taking full advantage of the lengthy growing season. Their long internodes and light buds allow for air to move around and through the whole plant, preventing mold and pest problems in a humid environment. If you happen to live somewhere with a tropical or subtropical climate, you may have great success growing Sativas outdoors. If you choose to put a Sativa inside, be sure you have the space, time and energy to manage the plants’ growth.

Best Grow Systems for Sativa

Sativa marijuana may pose a challenge for novice growers, as its tendency to grow big and fast make it difficult for indoor growing. During the vegetative stage you may be surprised at the small size of your Sativa plants. Don’t be fooled- they can stretch up to three times their previous height during flowering. When growing Sativas, make sure you have enough vertical space for them to stretch without running into your lights. If you have the right climate, you should seriously consider an outdoor grow for your Sativa plants.Make Sure you Have Enough Space for your Sativa Plants and your LightsUnless you have unlimited room, you will want to train your plants. Sativas respond well to a variety of techniques, such as:Fimming: Basically a severe version of Topping, Fimming encourages bushy growth. It can be used in conjunction with a Screen of Green (SCOG) set-up as it trains the tall Sativa to branch laterally, which will make it fit nicely into SCOG.New Growth Forming on a Recently Fimmed PlantSuper Cropping: This technique stresses the plant by bending and slightly breaking branches. It encourages the plant to grow in a bushy shape with lots of flower sites. This technique can train a typically tall, rangy Sativa to grow in a shorter, bushier form.Low Stress Training (LST): LST involves bending your plants, encouraging horizontal instead of vertical growth. Be aware, your Sativas will still take up a lot of space! You will save yourself the hassle of adjusting your lights as frequently, and will be able to get away with growing in a shorter space.LST PlantNo matter which technique you use, it is best to train during the vegetative stage of growth. Even though your Sativa won’t be showing its full growth potential yet, training it NOW will encourage it to grow out and bushy when it does stretch, instead of shooting straight up through your ceiling.A final warning to the Sativa grower: while your plants will produce many large buds, Sativa buds tend to be airy. After you dry and cure your buds your yield may be lower than you initially thought. The high is usually well worth it, but if yield is critical to you, give Amnesia Haze or Durban Poison a try as they tend to be higher producing Sativas.

Smoking Sativas

Sativas tend to have citrus, fruity, pine or other “clean” tastes and odors. While her Indica sisters are earthy and musky, Sativas are light and crisp when smoked. Likewise, they have a lighter, crisper high.It is the high that keeps everyone coming back to Sativas again and again. Typically described with adjectives like clear, bright, energetic, cerebral, social, giggly, euphoric, transcendental and functional, Sativa smoke produces psychoactive mental effects.Sativa smokers often observe that sights and sounds are intensified, making everyday activities like watching a movie, listening to music or going shopping at the mall novel and exciting. This is great marijuana for parties, social events and even hiking. For many, the benefits of a cheerful, uplifting high make it worth taking on the challenges Sativas present in the grow room. Medicinally, cannabis Sativa is useful in ameliorating depression, anxiety and other mental or emotional ailments. Indica is more effective in treating physical pain and insomnia.

Sativa vs. Indica Chemically

The high or stone sensation from smoking marijuana comes from molecules called cannabinoids. There are three main cannabinoids found in marijuana: Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN).THC is the chemical in marijuana that gets you high, triggering a euphoric response when they bind to the many cannabinoid receptors throughout your body. In tests of pure THC, this molecule has been found to increase appetite, and suppress spasms, inflammatory responses and tremors.CBD is not psychoactive like THC. It does offer a variety of medicinal effects including: suppression of nausea, suppression of convulsive, inflammatory and psychotic responses, sedative effects and protection from neuropathic diseases.THC and CBD MoleculesCBD moderates the psychoactive effects of THC and is said to help combat the paranoia that some users experience when smoking. CBD and THC interact to create different effects:

High THC:CBD ratio: the high is generally bright and energetic.

Low THC:CBD ratio: a sleepier, more narcotic stone sensation.

If both THC and CBD are high you get both mind and body effects creating a potent dreamy high.

CBN is produced as THC breaks down when cannabis ages and oxidizes. CBN is not psychoactive like THC, but it can increase feelings of drowsiness or a sluggish sensation of being drugged. Generally high CBN content is considered a negative result of improper marijuana storage.Cannabis Sativa has high THC and minimal CBD, giving it a high THC:CBD ratio.Generally cannabis Sativa has high THC, giving it an unmoderated euphoric high. Indica cannabis has higher CBD and lower THC, giving it narcotic, body stone effects and pain relieving medicinal properties.

Famous Sativas and Why

Many of the most popular strains are Sativas because of the beautiful high they offer. Amongst the most well-known and best-loved Sativas is Jack Herer, named for and smoked by one of cannabis’s greatest advocates. Durban Poison and Sour Diesel have been around for years and loved by all who have smoked them, yet their origins are unclear and no single seed bank can claim them.The Man Jack HererKali Mist is a newer Sativa that has made waves for the last 15 years, winning the title “Queen of Sativas” as well as numerous cup awards. Blue Dream is similarly claiming hearts across California. Most famous Sativas have earned their reputations through the powerful high they offer. After all, who doesn’t love a creative, energetic high that doesn’t put you on the couch? They all share a tendency to grow tall and gangly, often being unmanageable indoors, but there are many smokers out there who still choose to smoke and grow Sativa, and nothing else.

To Sum up Sativa Seeds…

Cannabis Sativa is loved by recreational and medicinal smokers alike for its energetic, clear-headed cerebral high. However, it is challenging to grow because of its slow flowering and large space requirements. Outdoors it is equally difficult simply because Sativa requires a hot climate with a long growing season, which is something many growers don’t have.Novice Sativa lovers may want to start out with Sativa dominant hybrid like Critical +2.0 from Dinafem or Power Flower from Royal Queen. While outdoor growers in northern latitudes or places with cooler, damp summers should give Bangi Haze or Purple Power a try.Bangi Haze OutdoorsBreeders have also been trying to solve the “Sativa Problem” by crossing them with Indicas. The goal has been to capture the psychoactive high of a Sativa in the short, stocky, hardy body of an Indica. This has not been achieved perfectly in every hybrid, but some good ones to try include White Widow, AK-47 and White Russian.For the pure Sativa lover, it is worth the trouble to learn to grow Sativas yourself. After all, working hard in the grow room and seeing your efforts rewarded by a bountiful harvest of your favorite buds is half the fun!

Please let us know which Indica strains you love to grow and smoke.

2018 Top 10 Sativa Seeds

#1 Green House - Super Lemon Haze

Best For: Clear High, Lemon Flavor, 2X Overall Cup Winner

Green House Super Lemon Haze SeedsBred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds, Super Lemon Haze is the famous offspring of famous parents. Super Silver Haze took the Overall High Times Cannabis Cup award in ’98 and ’99. Green House crossed this legendary strain with Lemon Skunk to produce a strain that promises to superseed ;-) the fame of its father.Super Lemon Haze is loved for its tangy, sweet flavor and its clear, social high. While the hit can get a little dreamy, it is generally expansive and bright, making you giggly, euphoric and eager to share your joy with others. There is a hint of Indica body stone that comes on partway through the high.In the grow room Super Lemon Haze is equally expansive. In warm climates with lots of space you can let her stretch to over ten feet in height. Indoors you will need to control her with some combination of training techniques. Lollipopping and Low Street Technique work well, as does Screen Of Green or super cropping, if you have the room.
  • Type Sativa 80%, Indica 20%
  • Height Tall
  • Flowering time 8-11 Weeks
  • Awards won Overall High Times Cannabis Cup 2010 (2nd), IC420 2010 (1st), Overall High Times Cannabis Cup 2009 (1st), Sativa Cup 2009 (2nd), Overall High Times Cannabis Cup 2008 (1st)
  • Yield 500 g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Moderate
  • THC level 20%+

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Best For: South African Landrace Strain, Bright Energetic High

Dutch Passion Durban Poison SeedsDurban Poison is a popular strain with a rich history. Its origins are Landrace subtropical Sativa from South Africa. A fellow named Ed Rosenthal brought a variety of seeds back from the Durban area of SA in the early 70’s. He worked to create a stable phenotype and a shorter flower period, before passing some seeds on to a friend. Eventually the strain that would become Durban Poison was brought to the Netherlands by Sam “the Skunkman” where it was introduced to the world.With its bright, functional but still potentially mind blowing high, Durban Poison remains one of the best-selling strains on the market today. It is known for its highly energetic high and distinct anise flavor.Currently both Sensi Seeds and Dutch Passion sell versions of Durban Poison. Dutch Passion’s Durban Poison is all Sativa, and more consistent in phenotype. Sensi’s Durban has a little Indica influence, giving rise to more variation in growth, but offers the same killer high and tasty licorice smoke. Nirvana also offers a Durban Poison, as do a variety of other seed banks. It is hard to say who has the true original, if anyone does. With so many offering Durban, the statistics are variable. Flowering can be as fast as 9 weeks or as slow as 120 days. Yields vary greatly as well, reaching up to 700 g/m2. Some seed banks offer a feminized version.
  • Type Sativa 100%
  • Height Medium to Tall
  • Flowering time Variable
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 300-700 g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Moderate
  • THC level 8-14%

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#3 Dutch Passion - Strawberry Cough Seeds

Best For: Strawberries and Cream, Upbeat High

Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough SeedsDutch Passion’s Strawberry Cough is all about the berries. This classic Sativa strain smells of berries, tastes of berries and the buds even look like berries, bright green and decorated with delicate red hairs. There is a creaminess to the expansive smoke, the name could only be more descriptive if they called it strawberry cream cough.A small injection of Indica genetics hastens the flowering time of this strain, shortening the typically lengthy Sativa flowering period down to around two months. The Indica genetics also help limit her height, though in the grow room Strawberry Cough likes to get wide, with lots of lateral branches that make it unsuitable for SOG growing. It can adapt to SCOG well, and Dutch Passion recommends planting 15-20 plants per square meter.If you are looking for a sweet tasting, smooth smoking Haze style bud, Strawberry Cough is the choice for you. The high is classic Sativa- energetic and active, good for a day out hiking or working on a project. It is upbeat and clear-headed, giving you a nice boost without strapping you to the couch. This strain is a favorite among medicinal users for treating depression and anxiety.Don’t confuse this Sativa Cough with Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough which is an Indica dominant Haze/Strawberry Fields cross.
  • Type Sativa 80%, Indica 20%
  • Height Around 1 meter
  • Flowering time 8-9 Weeks
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 300-400 g/m2
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy to Moderate
  • THC level 15-18%

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#4 Sour Diesel Seeds

Best For: Pure Sativa High, Spiritual, Citrus Flavor

Sour Diesel SeedsSour Diesel is a classic, much loved Sativa with a fuzzy backstory. Some will tell you she was purposely bred as a cross between Diesel and a Northern Lights X Skunk, others will tell you it was an accident that came out well, while still others say it is a Diesel/Sage mix. Likewise, many seedbanks claim to have the original strain. All we can say for certain is that Sour Diesel came from California, and she is one powerhouse of psychoactivity. You will know you have a Sativa on your hands when Sour Diesel starts to stretch during flowering. She can reach great size in both height and width, with productive lateral branches. Be prepared to train or trim her, or give her room to sprawl. She has a strong citrus skunk odor, so the stealth grower should consider carefully before starting these seeds.Sour Diesel is the Sativa jackpot of highs. It is huge and fast, shooting you high into the heavens while dropping your body into the nearest chair. Giving a vibrant high often described as spiritual, Sour Diesel is not to be smoked if you have work to do: you will be too busy contemplating the greater mysteries of life to focus on any one project.
  • Type Sativa 100%
  • Height 3-2 meters
  • Flowering time 10 weeks
  • Awards won High Times Plant of the Year 2005
  • Yield 400-500 g/m2
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Moderate
  • THC level 20%+

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#5 Sensi - Jack Herer Seeds

Sensi Jack Herer SeedsLet’s be clear here- technically Jack Here is a hybrid, with nearly 45% of its genetics coming from Indica heritage, notably Northern Lights 5 and the hybrid Skunk #1. BUT, this famous strain is typically regarded as a Sativa. Its growth pattern and psychedelic high are testaments to its Sativa dominance and it even won the ’99 High Times Sativa Cup. In fact, Jack Herer from Sensi is the one of the most highly awarded strains of all time, with 11 prizes from the High Times Cannabis Cups alone.Jack Herer can be challenging to grow. It requires a hot, Mediterranean climate to be grown outdoors, and inside it will need lots of space, as it does best when allowed to stretch. If you have the patience to wait out flowering, Jack Herer will reward you with the best smoke of your life.The hit is fast and hard, giving a trippy cerebral ride tempered by a comfortable body buzz. The perfect combination of stone and high have made Jack Herer a world-wide favorite.Jack Herer genetics have contributed to the award-winning strains Jack Flash and Candy Jack, to the much loved Cinderella 99 and many others.
  • Type Sativa 55%, Indica 45%
  • Height Tall and Big
  • Flowering time 9-11 weeks
  • Awards won 11 Cannabis Cup Awards
  • Yield 400 g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Difficult
  • THC level 15-20%

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#6 Green House – Trainwreck Feminized Seeds

Best For: Euphoric, Clear High with Painkilling Qualities

Green House Trainwreck Feminized SeedsTrain Wreck is a Green House Seeds classic. It originated in California, where the story goes that two brothers had to harvest their crop early due to a nearby train wreck. They were afraid of their plants being discovered. Train Wreck was the eventual offspring of that crop. Green House Seeds later developed what was previously a clone-only strain to stable, seed producing plants, making Train Wreck available to all.While the train wreck story is cute, it is also possible that the name of this strain was chosen simply to describe the high. This is POWERFUL marijuana. She requires experience in the grow room, as her lanky, viney growth often requires support. She requires experience when smoking as well, as novice tokers are often overwhelmed by the force of the high.With that warning, Train Wreck is loved for her energetic, creative and euphoric high is great for daytime smoking, in moderation. There is a little Indica influence that gives Train Wreck some painkilling characteristics. This is an old strain that has been popular since the early 80’s with both recreational and medical users.
  • Type Sativa 90%, Indica 10%
  • Height Small/Medium
  • Flowering time 8 weeks
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 500-700 g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Moderate
  • THC level 7%
  • CBD level .77%

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#7 Humboldt Seed Organization – Blue Dream Seeds

Best For: Balanced High, Big Plants, 600 g/m2

Humboldt Seed Organization Blue DreamBlue Dream, a cross between Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, is among the top 10 strains currently sold in California. Originating on the coast of Cali in the ‘70’s, the original Blue Dream is currently offered from Humboldt Seed Organization. There is a similar strain on the market, Azure Haze, produced by the famous DJ Short by crossing the same parents but from his personal selection.Blue Dream is pure medicine, offering relief from insomnia, anxiety, pain, depression and migraines. It has been described as offering the perfect, calm, uplifting high. There is some energy to Blue Dream, and you can expect to feel light, peaceful and open. There is a little Indica-style kick at the end, so don’t try to do anything too demanding.In the grow room Blue Dream shows her Sativa heritage. You will need to use some training techniques to keep her under control. This can be achieved easily with LST or Super Cropping, both of which will maximize the production of beautiful buds.
  • Type Sativa 80%, Indica 20%
  • Height Tall and Wide
  • Flowering time 65-70 Days
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 600 g/m2
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level 18%

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#8 Nirvana - Purple Power Seeds

Best For: Outdoor Growing, Cool Weather, Taste

Purple Power Cannabis SeedsPurple Power is the Sativa for outdoor growers. She has been bred to be tolerant of cooler growing seasons. She does love tropical weather, producing up to 1000 g/m2 in hot climates, but even at northerly, damp latitudes you can expect 500-700 g/m2. Nirvana has also bred New Purple Power, similar to her big sister but suited to even wetter and chillier climes.Purple Power grows like a Sativa- tall and slender with long, delicate arms. During flowering she turns a vibrant, deep purple that makes her a beautiful addition to any garden. For a Sativa, she has a short flowering period of only 9 weeks, furthering her usefulness in gardens with brief growing seasons.Perhaps one of the most endearing qualities of Purple Power is her taste. Tangy and sweet, you may feel like you have developed synesthesia, the disease where the sense get mixed up, because you will be tasting purple. The high is uplifting with lots of energy, but it is peaceful and won’t leave you feeling jittery.
  • Type Sativa 100%
  • Height 2 meters
  • Flowering time 8-9 Weeks
  • Awards won 1st High Times Cannabis Cup ‘98
  • Yield 500-1000 g/m2
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level 20%

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#9 Serious Seeds - Kali Mist

Best For: Outdoor Grow, Clear Euphoric Buzz, High Resin

Serious Kali Mist SeedsKali Mist is often called the “Queen of Sativas”, considered by many to be the best Sativa on the market today. This strain from Serious Seeds underwent a couple of renovations in late 90’s, going from nearly pure Sativa to a higher percentage of Indica genes and back to a Sativa focus in just a couple years. Since ’98 Kali Mist has been in her current form, winning awards around the world.She grows tall and branching like you would expect. She can be tamed a little with pruning and training techniques, or you can let her grow to her full potential for maximum yields. She has proven to be remarkably mold resistant outdoors in Spain, and is worth a try for the outdoor grower with a long frost-free season.The high is what all the fuss is about. Kali Mist offers the epitome of Sativa smoking: crystal clear euphoria that is very focused and good for accomplishing tasks. She produces a high yield and a surprising amount of resin for a Sativa, so much that she recently won the Best Hash award at the 2012 Cannabis Champions Cup.
  • Type Sativa 90%, Indica 10%
  • Height Tall and Wide
  • Flowering time 10-13 Weeks
  • Awards won High Times Cup 1995 (1st), 2000 (1st), 2002(3rd), Seedcup 2008 (1st), Cannabis Champions Cup 2012 (1st Best Hash)
  • Yield 500 g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Moderate
  • THC level 15%

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#10 Barney’s Farm - Amnesia Haze Seeds

Best For: Bright, POWERFUL High, Big Yields

Barney’s Farm Amnesia Haze Seedshit the jackpot with Amnesia Haze, a complex blend of Thai, Jamaican and Hawaiian genetics with just a touch of Afghani influence. Amnesia took home the Overall High Times Cup in 2004, and has been pleasing smokers in Europe and the States ever since.Amnesia Haze can be hard to find in dispensaries, so if you want a constant supply you may have to grow your own. Be warned, growing Amnesia Haze requires an expert touch- her long flowering season makes her susceptible to pests and mold, and her tendency to stretch means you will need to prune and train her. However, yields of up to 2 pounds of potent bud per plant make the effort and wait worthwhile.Amnesia Haze is a bright, uplifting and energetic Sativa high, but it is far too powerful to be called functional. As the name suggests, you may find some holes in your short term memory after smoking. The Indica sneaks in to give this marijuana a distinctly musky smell and hashy aftertaste.
  • Type Sativa 80%, Indica 20%
  • Height Medium
  • Flowering time 10-13 weeks
  • Awards won High Times Cup 2004 (1st), High Life Cup 2008 (1st,2nd)
  • Yield Up to 2 lbs/plant
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Expert
  • THC level 15%+

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There are so many great Sativa seeds; we couldn’t stop ourselves at just 10.

Bonus #1 Alaskan Thunderfuck Seeds

Best For: Potent High, Famous since the ‘70s

Sagarmatha Alaskan Thunderfuck SeedsThose who have smoked the real ATF may be surprised that this only made it to our bonus section. It is true that if you can get your hands on some original ATF bud you may never want to smoke anything else again. The high is powerful, cerebral with a light body stone that leaves your senses buzzing and your mind enlightened.However, it is REALLY hard to find the real ATF these days. It is debatable whether or not it actually exists outside of a few select connoisseurs’ gardens. Sargamatha Seeds produces a strain called Alaskan Thunderfuck, and seeds are available from several other providers. Some of these have been re-crossed with other strains, so a quick online search will show you hybrid ATF, Indica dominant ATF and Sativa dominant ATF. The version from Sargamatha leans to the Indica side, giving a heavy stone from a short, bushy plant with high CBD content, which is powerful and fun to smoke. The real deal original is all Sativa when smoked.The original ATF is a Sativa dominant hybrid from the Matanuska Valley north of Anchorage. They say if you smoke the real thing, you will know it immediately. If you find her, let us know!
  • Type Sativa Dominant, Indica and Ruderalis genetics
  • Height Small
  • Flowering time 9-11 Weeks
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 350 g/m2
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Moderate
  • THC level 20%

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Bonus #2 White Widow Seeds

Best For: Trippy High, Powerful Smoke

White Widow SeedsWhite Widow swept the coffeeshop cannabis scene the moment Shantibaba, then of Green House Seeds, released her in the mid-‘90s. The original White strain, she won the overall High Times Cannabis Cup in ’96. A split in the Green House family led to the development of a similar strain, Black Widow by Mr. Nice Seeds. Every major seedbank today has its own version of White Widow.Truth be told, White Widow is a hybrid, with around 40% of her genetics coming from the Indica side. However, she is typically classified as Sativa dominant, and it is easy to know why once you’ve smoked her.White Widow offers a trippy, energetic and uplifting high that sparkles Sativa. There is a nice dose of Indica body stone that is relaxing without knocking you out. This is one of the strongest strains out there, with THC levels hitting 25% in some plants.She does best indoors under the care of an experienced grower. She does not tolerate many errors in lighting schedule, watering or feeding. Her Indica background keeps her small, making White Widow a possibility for those looking for a Sativa high but lacking the space for other strains. However, her Sativa side shows during flowering as she offers the best yield if you give her a full ten weeks to produce her sugary, resin-soaked buds.
  • Type Sativa 60%, Indica 40%
  • Height 35-80 cm
  • Flowering time 8-10 weeks
  • Awards won 12 Cannabis Cup Awards
  • Yield 450 g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Moderate
  • THC level 20+%

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Bonus #3 Chocolope Seeds

Best For: Chocolate Flavor, Dreamy High, Strong Bud

DNA Genetics Chocolope SeedsChocolope is all Sativa. True, DNA Genetics through a pinch of Indica genetics in there, but you wouldn’t know in the grow room or when smoking it.Chocolope is a BIG plant. She will get nearly as tall as you will let her, and even with training she may surprise you. That said, she requires relatively little feeding and, aside from training, is a very easy plant to grow. Try super cropping to encourage bushy rather than tall growth. If you have the space, this is a great choice for your first pure Sativa grow. She thrives outdoors as well.Let us say that Chocolope is unique in the flavor arena. She is like smoking pure chocolate, but be careful. It is easy to just keep on smoking her, enjoying the flavor to the fullest. But the high will hit you hard. It is euphoric and often psychedelic. Be prepared for the reality altering effects of this bud, and perhaps lay off if you are prone to paranoia or anxiety.
  • Type Sativa 95%, Indica 5%
  • Height Tall
  • Flowering time 10-11 weeks
  • Awards won Spannabis Cup 2014 (1st), High Times Sativa Cup 2010 (2nd), many others
  • Yield 500 g/m2
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy to Moderate
  • THC level 15-20%

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In Conclusion…

Sativa marijuana has a long history of human cultivation. Its psychoactive effects have been appreciated as a spiritual aid and means of communing with higher powers for over three thousand years. While many use it simply as a recreational drug today, there are still those who will argue that the bright, creative energy of a Sativa high opens the smoker to divine inspiration.While growing you own Sativa may be a daunting prospect, the clear-headed high and crisp flavors of a good Sativa bud cannot be matched. Start out with an easier strain like Chocolope, and perhaps with fewer plants than you might otherwise start, just to make sure you have enough room.With patience, practice and some good planning, you too can harvest some of the highest quality buds available. Please share your favorite Sativa strains in the comments section below.

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