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Sea of Green (SOG) Marijuana

Sea of Green Growing Marijuana

What is Sea of Green?

Sea of Green, or SOG, is a method of growing cannabis that forces the plants into the flowering stage  when young and small. By starting the flowering phase of your marijuana plants after about two weeks of vegetative growth you can harvest many weeks earlier than you would if you grew your plants to full size.

Why Choose Sea of Green?

The Sea of Green method is a Dutch concept and is all about using space efficiently and is particularly useful if you are limited with the space available in your grow room (although it is also often used in large operations and greenhouse grows as well). By switching the cannabis plants’ lighting to 12/12 early (to force flowering) it is possible to fit several plants in the space normally taken up by one plant. Even though the yield of each individual plant is smaller, the accumulated yield per square metre will be greater.Time is also an important factor to consider when deciding whether to use the Sea of Green method. Some marijuana strains can spend well over 10 weeks vegetating so by putting your marijuana plants into flower after only two weeks you will get more harvests per year. This is ideal for larger operations where a constant supply is necessary.When growing marijuana under artificial grow lights it is important to use the light in the most efficient way possible. Not just because you’re paying for its electricity; but because you will want to get the most from your plants too. Most grow room setups involve lighting your plants from above but doing this means that the plants shade out their own bases and the lower sections of the plant do not receive as much light as the tops. By packing the plants together a canopy of buds is formed, making best use of the light. If you are using one big HPS grow lights then you only have the option of lighting from above, using a number of HPS grow lights or better still energy saving full spectrum LED grow lights then you still have the option of lighting from the corners.The Sea Of Green method is particularly useful if you have a quantity of cuttings available from cloned marijuana. This method saves you money on buying seeds and can ensure the quality and gender of the young plants. Although Sea Of Green doesn’t generally require any pruning, once a canopy has formed some growers like to clean up the branches underneath to concentrate the plants’ energy towards the main bud and improve air flow beneath the canopy. These cuttings can be cloned and will provide the next batch of SOG plants, making a self perpetuating system.

How to use the Sea of Green method

There are no special skills required to use the Sea of Green method. Once you understand the concept, carrying out an SOG grow is simplicity itself. In fact, with the absence of any training or pruning requirements, SOG is one of the easiest ways to grow weed.

Here is a simple Sea of Green step-by-step guide:

Some growers will start plants on 12/12 when they are only 6 inches high, others pack them more or less densely. Exact requirements will vary from strain to strain and grow room to grow room. If you use this guide as a starting point you will be able to make adjustments based on your own experience. 

Which seed strain - Are all marijuana strains suitable for S.O.G?

The short answer is no. Typically indica seed varieties, with their naturally squat stature and single main kolas are most suited to S.O.G methods. Some sativas may work but they are generally too 'leggy' to fully benefit from SOG systems. We would recommend Old World Indicas, Kush strains, God Bud and Northern Lights. Also try some of the more specialized feminized dwarf strains such as Buddha Red Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized  and Royal Queen Royal Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized.
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40 thoughts on “Sea of Green (SOG) Marijuana

  1. Eric says:

    i run 1 1000 watt hps and a 600 watt led with 9 plants under neath in 4 gallon pots my quality is great but yeild is laking about 10 oz ever cycle. I guess you would call it simi sog. My question is would it benefit me to uuse smaller pots and more plants and if so how many and what size? My clones are silver la head cheese and chocolope.

  2. With all due respect, Sea of Green is NOT a Dutch method.
    Tom Alexander–the publisher of Sinsemilla Tips Magazine all through the ’80s, Jorge Cervantes and Seed Bank Nevil all will confirm Sea of Green was invented by me, in Seattle, Washington, in the mid-’80s. It went to Holland when Greg M. took the Northern Lights collection to Nevil. Call the Adam Dunn Show, on this Wednesday, J13 January 2016 when I’ll be guest hosting. guest co-hosting.

  3. Ippiefauna says:

    I am a first-time grower so excuse me if I’m not quite as knowledgeable I rely on videos and articles to help me since I don’t know anyone who grows

    I have a blueberry strain which is about 9 inches tall right now I am growing outside (it’s legal where I live) should I wait for it to grow three more inches before doing a 12/12 deal ( I would basically just be bringing them inside 12 hours a day

  4. jim says:

    you recommend auto fems for this sog? under 12/12 light? I have grow auto fems for a while now and they are much better off yield wise under 18/6 light. they flower automatically so no 12/12 is needed.

    • Buddy says:

      Hi Jim. We just say that autofems are suitable for the Sea of Green system, which they are as their smaller size and rapid flowering make them ideal. Obviously you would need to light them accordingly. We recommend 18/6 or 20/4 throughout the whole grow.

  5. Keegan says:

    I think you have the stages out of order? it says to put them in a 12/12 hour flowering state, and the following paragraph says to put them in a veg state, 18/6 hours and let them grow out to 10-12 inches… those paragraphs should be switched.

  6. rich says:

    sog sounds bess

  7. mitch says:

    i have a 20 site superflow hydro system, was wondering what or the best watering times, 15mins every 1hr ect, any reply would be great guys

  8. big mike says:

    sea of green systen for leggy sativa,s
    USE the bending technique.

    i use one 65 watt flourex on a timer with one plant
    when ready to flower.dont get big buds but yield ok

    i then clone some more and if possible i just keep
    re generating the orig clone /veg to flowering
    i had one plant for 3 yrs!

    this can be done in a 3 ft square and 6 ft high erea indoors

  9. joeysack says:

    With the SOG do you need to change how you fertilize? Using all organic and was worried that the plants might not get all they need with a smaller root structure.

    • Elvis says:

      Shouldn’t really make a difference Joey. For sure, you will not have to feed as much as you might some monster sativa that is 12 feet tall, but there is no special rules for SOG feeding. Feed as you normally would.

  10. ADC says:

    .if you have no led or cfl lights can you use a cheep lamp at night and a window in the day? and if not then will it hurt them to skip the 24 hour light and go straight to the 12/12 lighting. also these are just mid seeds from a street dealer. will the SOG method work on them? also how can I hide the smell? and if I cant then can I put them outside after winter? and one more thing, how long will it be until I can harvest using the SOG method? I know I have a lot of questions but if anyone can help id be greatful!!

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