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How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

So your plot is ready for planting. You now have two choices: you can either sow the seeds directly into the ground, or you can transplant pre-germinated plants that you have started off at home. Usually start these off in a dark place and then move the seedlings under lights or on a window ledge. Germinating them inside will give a much higher success rate. For more information on marijuana germination you should read the section on growing marijuana indoors.

For now let us assume that you will be planting seeds directly into the soil.

A good supply of water is crucialPlanting should take place early in the season, around April or May, after the last frost.Obviously the exact timing will depend on where you live – this is based on the Northern hemisphere i.e. in time for spring and summer. For the southern hemisphere such as Australia where spring commences on the 1st Of September you would look for any warm spell after that date. Marijuana plants will not tolerate frost so it’s better to be safe than sorry.Plant the seeds around 1.25cm (1/2”) deep into your prepared soil. Plant them sideways, we find this works well quite consistently. Make sure that they are well watered and will not dry out if there are some sunny days, make sure you keep them moist at all times. After approximately 48 hours you should start to see the first signs of the seed cracking open and the first shoots coming out. That's how to germinate a marijuana seed!
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54 thoughts on “How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

  1. Solo.rider says:

    i have these marijuana seeds i got from my weed dealer.I put them in after 2weeks nothing poped fine i quit.I read about the water germinating thing a tried it nothing happens..where i live is in the Southern Hemisphere and its october.All i want to know is am i doing something wrong with the seeds

    • kaap says:

      Water germinating insures a sufficient moistcontent (untill sprouting), planting directly in the soil is tricky if you don’t know how much water seeds need. If the soil wasn’t dried out nor soaking wet, you shoud’ve seen results.
      What I think that happened is that they weren’t viable seeds.
      Seeds who you can find in weed normally aren’t fertilized, because producers tend to keep the male plants far away from the females (they want weed, no seeds). Occasionnaly, a female flower produces a seed without interference of a male, hence not viable.

  2. smokey1 says:

    I just put about 5 seeds in a cup of water today…what next

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