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Stacker – 30 Plant – LED Grow Box Review

Why the Stacker LED Grow Box?

The Stacker LED Grow Box from Dealzer is a dual chamber grow box that delivers huge yields with approximately 50% less power than comparable HID grow boxes. With its plug and play set up you can start growing weed almost from the moment it arrives.The Stacker Grow Box is quiet and stealthy, allowing you to keep your grow discreet and secure.stacker-hydro-grow-box

The Stacker Grow box is well designed and efficient, producing large yields of high quality marijuana from a small and compact space.Stacker LED grow box cabinet closed
  • Dual grow chambers and lighting allow you to choose how to use your grow box to meet your own needs - Grow up to 30 mature plants at the same time or set up a continuous cycle for a steady supply;
  • Very low power demand makes the Stacker cheap to run and avoids unexpected spikes in utility bills;
  • Sophisticated hydro system and lighting lets you grow professional quality weed from the comfort of your own home;
  • Built in GFCI and fire resistant steel construction gives you security and peace of mind;
  • Looks like an ordinary storage cabinet and is light free and odor free for maximum stealth;
  • Backed up by a three year warranty and a lifetime of tech support.

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • The Stacker LED Grow Box is manufactured from tough and durable 18 gauge powdered steel for maximum strength and security;
  • Unit measures 74 ½” X 36” X 31” and weighs in at 250lbs;
  • Triple lock and key keeps your crop safe from curious visitors or family members;
  • Dual chambers with separate set ups gives you complete versatility. Have one chamber for flowering and the other for clones and veg, or turn them both over to flowering, the choice is yours;
  • Cabinet can accommodate up to 30 mature plants for flowering or even more plants if you choose to use one of the chambers for germination/cloning;
  • The Stacker LED Grow Box comes on castors for ease of movement.
Stacker LED grow box cabinet locked 

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • Each chamber contains a Duramax 270 LED grow light, one of the most advanced LED grow light panels available. The Duramax LED contains 90 X 3W LED diodes, total 270 Watts which draws a total of 206W of power. Half the load of a 400W bulb for more light. Basically this means you get more bud for your buck. These technologically advanced panels deliver light right across the spectrum, including IR, UVB, red, blue and green. They do not mention if this is full spectrum or not. This means you only ever need one light to meet the needs of every stage of plant growth. Duramax lamps are rated for more than 50,000 hours, providing durability and reliability. As well as having very powerful 3W chips, each diode is equipped with MagniLens technology to focus the light, increasing penetration, increasing PAR value, increasing yields!
  • The Stacker LED Grow Box is controlled by solid, analog timers for reliability;
  • The Stacker comes fully assembled and ready for you to just Plug and Play;
  • With super efficient lighting the overall load drawn by the system is low, avoiding any noticeable spikes in electricity consumption. Total draw 4.3 – 4.6 amps (110V).

Stacker LED grow box cabinet light

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • Stacker LED Grow Box features a heavy duty 10lb carbon filter and 1” thick carbon to totally eliminate odors. This is essential to the stealth integrity of your grow box;
  • Two X 14W 6” circulations fans at 190cfm each provide 380cfm of air circulation, keeping stems healthy and preventing excess moisture;
  • A 4” in-line duct fan provides 170cfm of total air change, keeping your precious plants provided with more than enough fresh clean air;
  • Washable intake filters keep out bugs and fungi that could damage your plants.
Stacker LED grow box cabinet air flowStacker-led-grow-box-cabinet-exhaust

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

Stacker LED grow box cabinet hydro system With its dual chambers the Stacker LED Grow Box offers you the ultimate in versatility. You can set it up in a grow cycle that works best for you. Both chambers have a good sized, ten gallon reservoir to help keep your nutrient solution’s pH and EC stable. These use an advanced dual hydro system that combines Deep Water Culture with feed lines that spray nutrient directly onto your plants from beneath. This keeps the top of the medium dry, preventing excess evaporation and the build up of algae. Feeding roots directly allows you to produce vigorous, healthy plants in a short space of time. Plants are held stable in 3 ¾” net pots whilst powerful pumps supply a highly oxygenated nutrient solution to the roots.
  • 2 X 6W, 70 gallon per hour air pumps supply ample oxygen to our plants roots;
  • 2 X high quality 160 gallon per hour submersible pumps spray nutrient solution at the plants from below;
  • 4 X 3 inch air diffusers get the oxygen into your nutrient solution in a way that can be assimilated by your plants.
Don’t forget, if hydro is not your thing, the Stacker LED Grow Box comes in a soil only version that presents all the same great lighting and air circulation, but in a system that provides all you need for a soil based cultivation.

Nutrients and Extras 

  • Botanicare CNS17 Grow/Bloom/Ripe Nutrients
– This package from Botanicare, one of the world’s leaders in hydroponic nutrients, contains all you need for about three months of growing. Full instructions and feeding program included.Botanicare CN17 HydroGrow
  • Net pots – Makes handling delicate young plants easy;
  • Rasta Bob's Coco Mon Grow Medium – This professional grade spun coco medium is thoroughly cleaned before being bound with natural polymers. The ideal medium to give your plants all of the support they need without clogging, leeching or excessive saturation;
  • Clone and Seed Starter Cubes –Plant starter cubes will get your young plants off to the best start in life. These have been inoculated with micro-nutrients and beneficial rooting fungi which will assist your young plants with the first the development of healthy root networks;
  • Digital TDS Meter - Keep your nutrient solution accurately at the optimum concentration with this easy to use digital TDS meter;
  • pH Adjuster Kit – Cannabis likes to grow with the correct pH levels. Keeping them adjusted is easy with the supplied pH adjuster kit;
  • Easy Grow Guide – All the information required to use your Stacker Grow Box to its optimum is provided in an easy to access format;
  • Measuring Cup, Power Supply, Analog Timers….


The Stacker LED 30 Plant Grow Box comes with a comprehensive three year warranty through Dealzer to give you confidence and peace of mind. As well as that, there is the famous lifetime of technical support on offer. Simply phone or e-mail the company with any issues and get full back up from hydroponic plant growing experts.

*** SuperCloset - Also offer the LED SuperNova, similar to the Stacker.  Long warranty and lifetime support

Optional Upgrades

The Stacker Grow Box provides you with everything that you might need to get started growing top grade weed. However, the following upgrades are available for those who want to take it to the next level. 
  1. LED Grow Light Panel - Choose either two or four of these 45W LED grow light panels (one or two per chamber) to supply supplemental light to your plants. Adding supplemental lighting to the sides of the plants, as opposed to only from above, will promote extra bud production on the lower branches and may increase yields by 25%.
    • 12" x 12" x 1.5"
    • 45 Watts (0.3125 watts per bulb)
    • 0.28 amps
    • 5:1 red blue ratio designed for flowering
    • 630 NM red, 460 NM blue.
  2. 6 Month Standard Nutrient Package - The Stacker LED Grow Box comes with enough nutes for your first 3 month. It makes sense to order the 6 month pack if you have the budget, and then you will be able to harvest more weed before you run out. 
    • 1L CNS17 Grow
    • 2L CNS17 Bloom
    • 1L CNS17 Ripe
  3. 6 Month Expert Nutrient Package – For those of you who want to get more serious about cannabis cultivation, the Expert Nutrient Pack provides advanced additives and supplements to enable you get the very best out of your plants. Improve plant health and growth speed with these expert nutrients. As used by the professionals. 
    • 1L CNS17 Grow
    • 2L CNS17 Bloom
    • 1L CNS17 Ripe
    • 1L Liquid Karma
    • 1L Hydroplex
    • 1L Sweet Raw
    • 1L Clearex
  4. RO Water Filter – This Reverse Osmosis water filter has been specially designed and built in-house to provide you with the finest quality pure water, free from contaminants that could affect your plants. Each RO filter is supplied with a free liter of CalMag Plus from Botanicare to help replace missing minerals.

*** SuperCloset - Also offer the LED SuperNova is similar to the Stacker.  Long warranty - Lifetime support.

What people saying about the Stacker LED 30 Plant Grow Box

“This is my first time with LEDs and I have to say that using them in the Stacker has been an eye opener. I got a great crop of Northern Lights, easily equal to any that I have had with HPS lighting. And having it all contained in the grow box is genius. So easy to use and looks like nothing unusual is going on in the room. Stealthy and very productive. Excellent “