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Super Grow LED – Beginners grow diary using Halo (SGL6) lights

Super Grow LED - Halo (SGL6) Grow Diary

I started these Grandaddy Purple clones with the , they call it the Halo (SGL6) model. More impressively I finished the grow with the same light. I made a mistake by letting them grow too tall and not topping them, but it was my first time growing with LED lights and I was still content with my harvest.

My tent was 3’ x 6’ but I didn’t use the entire tent for plants. I had space around the entire edge and kept most of my lights at a 45 degree angle. Some people disagree with this hanging method but I like it! I started the crop with 8 Halo (SGL6) and bought two more down the road making it ten lights total. So the total Watts was around 230 W and I kept the lights hung 12” from the canopy. I went for 18 hours ‘on’ for the veg and 12 for the flowering. 

Seedlings and Veg

 I used Happy Frog soil in 3-gallon pots in all of the plants except one, which was a 5-gallon pot. Besides letting the plants get too close to the light at one point because I left them unattended and they grew so fast (!) I was very impressed with the vegetative and flowering growth. I was happy that the LEDs were so quiet, because I slept about eight feet away from my grow tent! 


 I was lucky enough to have a friend with leftover nutrients so I didn’t have to pay for nutes for this whole run! I started the clones with Power Clone by Botanicare until they had healthy, strong roots. It took about 5 days for the first roots to pop out, 10 days for healthy, strong roots. After transplanting I used Master A by Humbolt Nutrients along with CalMag. Throughout the vegetative cycle I built up the amount of nutrients I was feeding it from 250 PPM in week one to 900 PPM in week 4. By the first week of flower, my PPM level was approximately 1,100. I added Ultra, Ooze, and Phat by Bloom (Australian Company I believe) with Master B Humbolt Nutrients throughout the difference stages of flower. I also used Molasses starting at week 4 every 2 weeks until harvest. Gravity by Humbolt was also used, but I don’t think it is available on the market anymore. 

Flowering and Buds

 I flushed these Grandaddy Purple plants for 9 or 10 days and was very happy with the quality! I truly wasn’t expecting to have the best product in town on my first grow ever. The yield wasn’t amazing—I got a little over 6 ounces but I’m sure I can change a few things and get 8-10 on one of my next few harvests. Changing strains also helps too; as my friends noticed certain strains do better than others with LED lights. You learn new things each grow and it gets better & better if you can pay attention to the plants. They really will tell you when something is up!

Super Grow LED also have some larger lights too which are