White Label – Afghan Kush Seeds

White Label – Afghan Kush Seeds

The Afghan Kush cannabis strain is about as old school as cannabis genetics can get. This strain really is from the motherlode, having her roots in the mountainous areas of Northern Afghanistan, close to the borders of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. If you were to trace the family tree of all cannabis strains, this girl would be the matriarch, right up at top.

As a pure Himalayan indica, Afghan Kush is the source material for some of the best sticky black hash and charas, you can smell and taste this heritage when you smoke Afghan Kush weed and she may seem harsh to those who are only familiar with modern, flavored strains.

Afghan Kush marijuana is a fairly easy strain to grow and her adaptations to the harsh mountain environment make her manageable in the grow room. Leaves are thick and leathery and the whole structure is compact with good dense kolas. She may lack the massive yields of some of the more modern strains.

The hit from smoking Afghan Kush weed is what it’s all about for many indica lovers. This is stoner’s weed and you should be prepared for a body numbing hit that is all about comfort and laziness. This plant has proven to be excellent for pain relief and has been used as such for many centuries. Afghan Kush is classic weed from the Hindu Kush.

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