AMG Haze Seeds

AMG Haze Seeds

AMG Haze Seeds

AMG Haze, aka Amnesia Mac Ganja, is a much sought after sativa dominant hybrid, designed and developed by the enigmatic "Ganja Man". Bearing some awesome genetics, this breed has achieved incredible THC levels (20%+) and gives you an incredible cerebral high while deepening your feelings of relaxation.

AMG Haze Strain Review

AMG Haze is a cross between the original Amnesia and Mexican Haze strains. As a result, the sativa effects are really strong with this one! The AMG bud won the High Life Cannabis Cup two times consecutively (in 2014 and 2015), thanks to its extraordinary THC levels, that in some cases can reach over the 25% mark.The experience smoking AMG borders on the psychedelic, but the strain has some muscle-relaxing properties as well. This combination of mind and bodily effects makes it ideal for a number of conditions, like migraines, headaches or depression. However, the high potency can have downsides too, so it is recommended that you start off with a less potent variant of the strain, especially if you are a beginner.

Taste and Smell

The AMG holds true to its haze heritage, with a familiar pungent and sweet taste that runs in the haze family. The hit is hard and quick, thanks to the predominantly Sativa genetics found in the plant (80%), but still provides some strong muscle relaxation. AMG is one of the most popular strains in Amsterdam coffee shops and there are many variants sold by seedbanks all over the world.

AMG Haze Grow Information

AMG Haze marijuana buds are super frosty and sticky. Underneath, growers can distinguish green/blue nugs with amber hair-like protrusions. The plant will reach flowering in about 10 weeks after germination and will reach 3-4ft. (80-120cm) in height depending on the conditions and variety. If you don’t live in a warm environment, it is recommended that you grow this plant indoors, as the genetics of this plant are accustomed to tropical environments. AMG Haze is best suited to experienced growers, as it is a sensitive plant that requires a lot of attention.AMG Haze seeds grow to a beautiful, high-quality plant, with all the good qualities you’d expect from a Haze strain. The plant grows bushy and tall and can tend to be leggy. Make sure you give it enough room and prune or train if necessary. If you’ve got the time and space to let AMG Haze strains outdoors, they can end up quite big and consequently yields can be high. The taste is hard to describe; Earthy yet sweet, smooth and clean. The buzz creeps up steadily and is pure Sativa, and the high THC content ensures that it is strong, visual and long-lasting.

AMG Haze Heritage

The strength and potency of AMG rely on its great genetics. Amnesia Haze and Mexican Haze are two of the strongest weed strains on the market, coming from two different places of the world to combine into one amazing cannabis plant. Let’s examine AMG’s heritage closer to understand the source of its genetics.

Amnesia Haze

One of the most recognizable varieties in the cannabis world, Amnesia Haze has genetics that runs back to South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains. It has won the Cannabis Cup twice (in 2004 and 2012) and is now enjoying near legendary status in Amsterdam coffee shops.Contrary to what its name might suggest, Amnesia Haze won’t cause you any memory loss despite its high potency. Like all Haze strains, Amnesia is much more likely to inspire creativity and giggles rather than any negative effects. There is also a little Afghani indica in there to balance things out, but the sativa effect is definitely the strongest.Amnesia Haze has thick, dense buds that have a yellow/green tint, depending on curation and growing style. Due to its popularity, the strain has been bred and mixed a lot, leading to a wide range of different phenotypes that have a pungent, citrus-like taste (with earthy hints) as a common denominator.Amnesia Haze is a good everyday choice for busy people as it gets you energized, without getting you off the rails. You can still be fully functional and go about your day as normal -you may even be a little more productive too!Amnesia Haze can help improve the focus of people with Attention Deficit Disorder and stimulate appetite. On the other hand, if your mind is already racing with anxiety, it is better to steer clear as Amnesia Haze can make matters worse.

Mexican Haze

Another high-flying strain, Mexican Haze takes no prisoners when it comes to blowing your mind with its insane THC levels. The smell and taste are typically Hazey, with hints of earthy smells creeping up on the overall aroma. Its heritage contains a blend of Jack Herer and Acapulco Gold x Haze, making this one of the most potent weed varieties worldwide.As a true Mexican, this plant thrives in warmer climates, so if you live in places without much sunlight, you should grow it indoors. Bear in mind, however, that this plant grows fast and grows strong. By the time it enters the flowering period, Mexican Haze can grow up to four times in size. So, if you want to grow it, be prepared and make sure you have it in a suitable grow space!As a sativa, this strain grows tall and has a prolonged flowering period. However, it makes it up by providing amazing yields with THC levels that are out of this world. So, even though you need to put a little extra effort in it, Mexican Haze makes it all worth it.Just be careful when you smoke it as its extreme THC contents can cause unwanted effects to newbie smokers.

Best Strains

Kera Seeds - Medical AMG Haze Feminized

The original AMG Haze Cannabis Seeds by Kera Seeds is the only variant you will find on the market. The feminized version became available fairly recently, giving the opportunity to more people to enjoy this amazingly potent strain.With multiple awards under its belt, this strain is the result of years of meticulous breeding between some of the world’s most potent Haze strains, Amnesia Haze and Mexican Haze. It flowers in about 10 weeks and can also be grown outdoors in areas with a warmer climate. Bear in mind that she is quite sensitive, so a little extra care might be in order!Strain: Mostly Sativa (80%-20%)Auto Flower Seeds Available: NoFeminized Seeds Available: YesGrow Indoors: YesGrow Outdoors: YesYield: Medium 425gm (15oz) Per M2Height Indoors: MediumHeight Outdoors: TallFlowering Period: 10-13 WeeksGrow Difficulty: Medium to HighAwards: High Life Cannabis Cup in 2014 and 2015

Herbie’s - CBD Mexican Haze Feminised Seeds

This world-renowned sativa is one of the parent strains of AMG. A very potent Haze of Central American descent, Mexican Haze has been genetically modified by Herbie’s to yield more and provide an easier growing experience. This strain is best if you seek an energetic, functional high and appetite stimulation.Mexican Haze is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain and comes from a cross between Jack Herer, Acapulco Gold, and Haze. Mexican Haze's amazing potency has led to a prize during the 2013 Highlife Cup in the Haze Hydro category!Strain: Mostly Sativa (85%-15%)Auto Flower Seeds Available: NoFeminized Seeds Available: YesGrow Indoors: YesGrow Outdoors: YesYield: HighHeight Indoors: MediumHeight Outdoors: TallFlowering Period: 60-80 DaysGrow Difficulty: Medium to HighAwards: 2013 Highlife Cup - Haze Hydro

Royal Queen Seeds - Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is one of those strains that need no special introductions, as it is one of the best-known breeds internationally. The strain was developed by an American expat in The Netherlands, as he combined early haze hybrids to create the Original Amnesia.Royal Queen Seeds offer a highly sophisticated version of Amnesia Haze, that will thrive in warm outdoor areas like California, South Africa or Australia. Although she can also be grown indoors, you will need a rather tall grow space to contain it, as this strain can reach over 3 feet (1 meter) in height.Amnesia might not be the best choice for novice or impatient users, as it has a flowering time of 12 weeks. It also is quite sensitive, meaning you should really know your stuff when growing it. However, those who decide to grow an Amnesia Haze plant will be rewarded with insane THC levels and an almost psychedelic high.Strain: Mostly Sativa (70%-30%)Auto Flower Seeds Available: NoFeminized Seeds Available: YesGrow Indoors: YesGrow Outdoors: YesYield: About 80g per plant indoorsHeight Indoors: TallHeight Outdoors: TallFlowering Period: 11-13 WeeksGrow Difficulty: Medium to HighAwards: 1st Place Sativa Cup 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st Place High Times Cannabis Cup 2004

Dinafem Seeds - Original Amnesia

Original Amnesia is a beloved strain in Amsterdam coffeeshops, containing genetics of Skunk, Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer, among others. As a result of its strong heritage, the effects of this breed are primarily cerebral and energetic.As far as growers are concerned, Original Amnesia is fast-flowering and easy to grow plant, contrary to the other Haze varieties out there. The yields are plentiful, while the plant itself is quite hardy and resistant to environmental hazards. Overall, this plant is an easy choice for people who can handle its extreme potency.Strain: Mostly Sativa (70%-30%)Auto Flower Seeds Available: NoFeminized Seeds Available: YesGrow Indoors: YesGrow Outdoors: YesYield: 600 g/m2Height Indoors: MediumHeight Outdoors: TallFlowering Period: Up to 9 weeksGrow Difficulty: EasyAwards: 2nd prize Best Sativa at 2016 Cannazores Cup 2016 and at the Treating Yourself Cup in Canada. Best Sativa at Exprogrow Spain and Highlife Cup Holland 2012.THC Levels: 19%+

Mexican Haze by Dampkring Classics

Dampkring Classics offer their own version of Mexican Haze, that they have stabilized by crossing with plants used to create other plants like “Ocean’s Twelve”.Strain: Mostly Sativa (80%-20%)Auto Flower Seeds Available: NoFeminized Seeds Available: YesGrow Indoors: YesGrow Outdoors: YesYield: 400 - 500 g/m2Height Indoors: TallHeight Outdoors: TallFlowering Period: 70 - 80 daysGrow Difficulty: Medium to HighAwards: High Life Cannabis Cup in 2014 and 2015
80% Sativa
Seed Origin
OG Amnesia x Mexican Haze
Seed Breeder
Kera Seeds
Auto Flower Seeds Available
Feminized Seeds Available
Grow Indoors
Grow Outdoor
Medium 425gm (15oz) per M2
Height Indoors
Height Outdoors
Flowering Period
10-13 Weeks
Harvest Outdoor
THC Level
High 15%+
Stoned or High
Grow Difficulty
Highlife Cup 2009 (2nd)