Dutch Passion Original Blueberry Feminized Seeds


Cannabis strain:Dutch Passion Original Blueberry Feminized Seeds
THC content:19.5%
Type:Indica/Sativa 80/20
Looks:A densely packed bush that flushes red/purple/blue towards the end of flowering. Good curing will see the final buds a nice lavender color.
Smell & Taste:This strain pretty much set the benchmark for good tasting weed in the 1970s. A rich, fruity aroma is followed up by the unmistakeable taste of summer berries. If you trace back the heritage of modern fruity strains, chances are you will stumble across Blueberry somewhere in the family tree.
Effects & Potency:Solid indica based weed. Good breeding has made the hit somewhat brutal and this is definitely best enjoyed near to comfy furniture. Potent and long lasting.
General:Blueberry has become a modern day cannabis classic. This strain was a High Times Cup winner in 2000 and then came 3rd in 2001. It is mostly a stable variety, there is however an occasional sativa dominant phenotype that will be leggier and stretch a bit more than the rest.


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