Emerald Triangle – Lemon Haze Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Emerald Triangle – Lemon Haze Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Lemon Haze Auto is a great example of fine West Coast marijuana breeding from the Emerald Tiangle. Emerald Triangle have crossed 3 great strains here, Lemon OG Kush, Original Haze and White Widow. They don’t tell us where the autoflowering properties come from, but the result is a vigorous autoflowering strain that can exhibit some explosive growth.

Lemon Haze Autoflowering shows her sativa genetics in her growth structure which is rangy with long internodes. She grows bigger than a lot of autos and responds well to feeding. You may want to consider some LST to keep her under control. Do not be tempted to top however as this may result in lower yields.

Yields from Lemon Haze Autoflowering can be good with up to 5oz per plant possible. This is under optimum conditions however and most growers would be happy with half of that. Her central kola is long and fat and all reaches of the plant are productive. Outdoor yields in sunny climates can be spectacular.

Lemon Haze Auto has a fresh lemony flavor, as you might expect. The hit is upbeat, happy and creative and can put a rosy tint on an otherwise dreary day.

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Rating: 6.1/10 (23 votes cast)
Emerald Triangle - Lemon Haze Autoflowering Feminized Seeds, 6.1 out of 10 based on 23 ratings
Sativa/Indica 65/35 + ruderalis
Seed Origin
Lemon OG Kush x Original Haze x White Widow
Seed Breeder
Emerald Triangle Seeds
Auto Flower Seeds Available
Feminized Seeds Available
Grow Indoors
Grow Outdoor
Up to 5oz (150gm) per plant
Height Indoors
Height Outdoors
Flowering Period
9 weeks from seed
Harvest Outdoor
THC Level
Stoned or High
Grow Difficulty

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