Green house seeds

Green house seeds


Location: Amsterdam, NLAwards Won: 49
Established: 1985Unique Strains: 20+
Website: greenhouseseeds.nlRating:

Green House Seeds seed bank is one of the biggest and most successful cannabis seed businesses anywhere in the world. Founded by Arjan, who has been acclaimed the ‘King of Cannabis’ for his impressive record of 32 Cannabis Cups and 17 High Life Cups.

Arjan has spent over 25 years travelling the world searching for genetic cannabis strains to breed and is the driving force behind the Strain Hunter series (see

And it’s all paid off with such cannabis strains as Arjan’s Haze, Big Bang, El Nino, King’s Kush, Chem Dawg, Hawaiian Snow and Lemon Haze.

Green House Seeds sell cannabis seeds direct to the public and also via a wide network of dealers and distributors. They do not ship cannabis seeds to the USA.

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Why buy seeds here?

We have dealt with over 30 seed banks in the last couple of decades and we really only rely on a couple to deliver fresh seeds worldwide.

Buy Green house Seeds – Kalashnikova 3 female – Cannapot

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