Sensi – Guerrilla’s Gusto Feminized Seeds

Sensi – Guerrilla’s Gusto Feminized Seeds

Some cannabis gardeners strongly prefer the experience of growing (and consuming) this magnificent plant in the untamed wilds of the great outdoors, using the most natural methods possible – i.e. leaving it alone for extended periods.

Guerrilla’s Gusto from Sensi Seeds  is the perfect choice for this type of cannabis cultivation. Although the exact genetic make-up remains secret, Sensi Seeds do disclose that an Indica from northern India and a Sativa from near-tropical southern India were combined with a number of Sensi’s finest bad-weather-proof cultivars, plus the original Skunk line. Apparently the new strain surprised even its creators with its shortness of flowering time, resistance to inhospitable climates, and gigantic size.Although described by one popular strain review site as “so easy to grow that you can basically throw her seeds over your shoulder and return to harvest her at the end of the summer”, it is recommended that you do put in some preparatory work to get the best results from your guerrilla grow. Germinate your seeds and let the seedlings start to develop indoors, if you can. Pick a south–facing slope, preferably in woodland and not overlooked by buildings or near a footpath (casual wanderers are unlikely to notice, but dog-walkers who take the same route regularly may be curious as to what these pungent new giant plants are). Preferably there should be a natural water source nearby. An excellent tip is to look for nettles; anywhere that they are flourishing in large patches indicates a suitable site for Guerrilla’s Gusto.

Leave plenty of space between the holes you dig for your seedlings; consider placing single plants a short walk from each other. Make sure you will be able to locate them again, especially if you don’t plan to return soon. Use dead, rotting leaves and / or damp rich soil from beside ponds or streams to line the holes as this should give the seedlings a good start without needing a lot of water.

Although resistant to many things, Guerrilla’s Gusto will need protection from rabbits, which tend to inhabit exactly the kind of places ideal for guerrilla growing. Make circles of sticks and chicken wire to protect the young plants, leaving enough room for them to grow unhindered. Areas with deer should be avoided altogether.

As Guerrilla’s Gusto is not feminized, you will need to return and discreetly destroy the males when they make themselves known at the beginning of the flowering period. Take this opportunity to expand or remove the chicken-wire protection, as by this point the plants will have greatly increased in size. All being well, this should be the only time you need to visit them between planting out the seedlings in spring and harvesting the fully grown giants in autumn. Guerrilla’s Gusto can reach heights of three metres, and sometimes hides in plain sight disguised as a young tree. Yields, unsurprisingly, are extremely large.

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Sensi - Guerrilla’s Gusto Feminized Seeds, 7.1 out of 10 based on 24 ratings
90% Indica
Seed Origin
Northern Spain
Seed Breeder
Sensi Seeds
Auto Flower Seeds Available
Feminized Seeds Available
Grow Indoors
Grow Outdoor
Height Indoors
Height Outdoors
Flowering Period
9 Weeks
Harvest Outdoor
THC Level
Stoned or High
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