Pot of Gold Weed Seeds

Pot of Gold Weed Seeds

As the name suggests, Pot of Gold cannabis is like the treasure at the end of the rainbow, especially if you’re an Indica fan. Pot of Gold cannabis seeds will give you some of the best Indica qualities available.Pot of Gold marijuana will form a thick, luscious bush of medium height. Bud formation is incredibly dense and with a bit of trimming she will form a heavy canopy of fat kolas. Pot of Gold marijuana wears her Afghani heritage proudly and her buds are extremely resinous and very sticky. Try rolling some charas on your fingers, you won’t be disappointed.Because of her density, Pot of Gold weed could be susceptible to some mould, this is not an ongoing problem, but use some common sense and make sure you get plenty of air circulation around her.So you’re crop is nicely cured and it’s time to spark up some Pot of Gold weed. The smoke is everything you’d expect from the heavy, sticky buds and fruity/earthy Kush aromas. Pot of Gold weed is like getting a good kick from an Afghani mule. This is sit yourself down weed; an intense hypnotic, narcotic buzz that is physical and so, so relaxing. Pot of Gold cannabis has many possible medicinal applications including appetite stimulation, pain relief and insomnia.

Seed Origin
Hindu Kush X Skunk #1
Seed Breeder
Flying Dutchmen
Auto Flower Seeds Available
Feminized Seeds Available
Grow Indoors
Grow Outdoor
High 600gm (21.2oz) per M2
Height Indoors
Height Outdoors
Flowering Period
8-10 Weeks
Harvest Outdoor
THC Level
Stoned or High
Grow Difficulty
High Times Cup 2003 (3rd)

Why buy Pot of Gold seeds here?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Both trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.

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