Seedsman White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Seedsman White Widow Seeds - White Widow cannabis first appeared in Amsterdam around the early ‘90s. It quickly became a huge success because of its excellent qualities, both in the grow room and in the coffee shops. Before long White Widow’s fame spread across Europe and beyond and since then White Widow has remained one of the most popular strains of weed ever.Every seed bank has its own version of the Widow and Seedsman White Widow Feminized marijuana seeds are a good example of the quality we have come to expect from the Widow.Seedsman White Widow Feminized cannabis forms a plant that is compact for a Sativa dominant strain. Bud formation is vigorous and this strain will put on a considerable amount of weight during her reasonable rapid 8 week floral cycle. Seedsman White Widow Feminized weed is a stable strain with a great deal of homogeneity. As with all White Widows, she gives up her qualities easily and makes a great breeding stock for those who like to meddle with hybridisation.Those massive frosty spangled kolas aren’t there just for looks. When smoked, Seedsman White Widow Feminized cannabis delivers an amazing complex high that is half cerebral and creative whilst at the same time relaxing and physical. With weed like this it would seem that Seedsman White Widow Feminised Seeds will continue to grow marijuana that rates highly amongst the world’s favourite cannabis strains.

Seed Origin
Indian X Brasil
Seed Breeder
Auto Flower Seeds Available
Feminized Seeds Available
Grow Indoors
Grow Outdoor
Height Indoors
Height Outdoors
Flowering Period
8 Weeks
Harvest Outdoor
THC Level
Stoned or High
Grow Difficulty
High Times Cannabis Cup

Why buy Seedsman White Widow Feminized seeds here?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Both trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.

One thought on “Seedsman White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. locodog357 says:

    Its pungentness taste made me stop after doin this for three years. If you top it n top it n top it etc as i allways did you can really get it huge inside, only problem was that the cola became small zones of bushy elongated buds. Looks like after my years with it i found out that if i dont top it it gets a full overall cola instead and the appeal is so much better, looks to avg about 50/65g of uplifting sativa with a lot of medical traits when it comes to social issues.

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