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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds – History, Auto-flowering and Feminized

Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds – History, Auto-flowering and Feminized

Autofeminized and autoflowering super silver haze seeds review
Super Silver Haze has been described as “the Indica between the Sativas”, an apt description. This is the first haze variety that is accessible to those who are not expert cannabis cultivators. Finally a stable haze which doesn’t take 12-16 weeks to finish, has a constant phenotype, gives a yield comparable to a Skunk or Northern Lights strain and still has the mind blowing effects that have kept growers fighting to produce haze buds for the last 40 years.

The Strain: Super Silver Haze


Mr. Nice/Green House Super Silver Haze Seeds

25% Indica75% Sativa15-18% THC450 g/m2

Best Strains Similar to Super Silver Haze


Shining Silver Haze from Royal Queen Seeds

25% Indica75% Sativa21% THC600-650 g/m2

Silver Haze from Sensi Seeds

50% Indica50% Sativa14% THC400 g/m2

Best Super Silver Haze Crosses


Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze from Connoisseur Genetics

Sativa Dominant21% THC350 g/m2

Super Lemon Haze from Green House Seeds

20% Indica80% Sativa16-25% THC500 g/m2

Kaia Kush from Green House Seeds

40% Indica60% Sativa19.8% THC750-900 g/m2

Critical Super Silver Haze from Delicious Seeds

30% Indica70% Sativa21% THC450 g/m2

Non-Haze Strains Similar to Super Silver Haze


Pineapple Express from G13 Labs

40% Indica60% Sativa18% THCHigh Yield

Nebula from Paradise Seeds

50% Indica50% Sativa15-18% THC500-600 g/m2

About Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze became an instant favorite when it was released in the ‘90’s. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup three years in a row, an achievement which sent it rocketing into cannabis fame. It initially was loved for the quality of the high. The bud is smooth to smoke, and the effects come on strong and fast. The buzz is deep in your body, but completely lucid, even euphoric. It is almost like that beautiful haze head high was wrapped up and put directly into your body instead of your mind. The joyous, sometimes spiritual effects of Super Silver Haze are as yet unmatched by any other strain.

In addition to an incredible high, Super Silver Haze is manageable in the grow room. Unlike her haze sisters who are finicky and can drag the flowering process on for nearly 5 months, Super Silver Haze is friendly to the grower. She does like warm weather, and most people will do best growing her indoors. She can handle some errors in feeding, temperature and humidity, and her large size can be managed by tying down her large central cola. She finishes flowering in 9-11 weeks, up to a month and a half sooner than some of her haze relatives.

Growing Super Silver Haze is not as straightforward as cultivating an Indica or auto-flowering strain, but it is much simpler than growing other hazes or most pure Sativas. The combination of accessibility and amazing effects has made Super Silver Haze a favorite amongst amateur and professional growers alike.


To describe the origins of Super Silver Haze, it is necessary to discuss the stories of three different strains, each of which has a unique and sometimes debated history. Super Silver Haze gets its knockout psychedelic energy and powerful effects from three plants: Northern Lights, Skunk #1 and Haze.

Here is a brief history of each of these parent strains:

There were 11 different plants that made their way to Holland in the 80’s under the name Northern Lights. Two of these became widespread and their genes make up the majority of the strains sold today under the Northern Lights name. Northern Lights #1 and Northern Lights #5 were the most potent of the original 11 strains. NL #5 especially was bred extensively. Many seedbanks claiming to have an “original” Northern Lights strain are talking about a version of NL #5.

Northern Lights #5 Feminized Seed

So it is most likely that NL #5 is the plant that was used to breed Super Silver Haze. This Indica dominant strain is easy and fast to grow, with a short stature and broad fingered deep green leaves. NL #5 has a mild smell and flavor, and powerful high. It is known for creating a combination of relaxing body stone and tingling, euphoric cerebral high. It is the quality, duration and power of its effects that have made this strain famous the world over.

To learn more about Northern Lights strains and their history, check out our Northern Lights page here.

  • Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is a foundation strain whose genetics can be found in countless strains from numerous seed banks. Yet the strain itself has a rather diverse gene pool.

It is uncertain where Skunk #1 was initially created, but it first spread through a communal breeding effort near San Francisco, California around 1969. This group included the now famous cannabis breeder Sam “Skunkman”. The original skunk plant was one of several plants given to the Skunkman from an unstable line originating from a Colombian Gold, Afghani cross. The best plant of the group was cloned and passed around the communal breeding club.

Using a Colombian Gold female, the group set out to stabilize the skunk. The final result of their efforts was Skunk #1, said to be Colombian Gold x Acapulco Gold/Afghani. Each member of the breeding club did some work on their own plants through the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, using their own clones and those passed around from other members of the club. In this way the plants stayed true to the original genetics, but some small variations were introduced as each breeder selected the traits he/she preferred.

Skunk #1 Seeds

There are rumors that Maple Leaf genetics were added in, and some who swear that there is no Afghani in Skunk #1 at all.

In the 80’s there were several seedbank busts and the breeding club split apart. The Skunkman brought some Skunk #1 seeds to Holland, while other members took their own clones and seeds with them. The end result was two general Skunk #1 camps:

  • Sweet Skunk: the term given the plants grown by the Skunkman, which are generally very stable.
  • Stinky Skunk: the seeds on offer from Mr. Nice Seeds which resemble earlier Californian skunks and are much stinkier.

Today there are versions of Skunk #1 on offer from nearly every major seedbank. These strains share genetics from the original skunk project in California which set out to create a stable, potent and easily reproduced Skunk strain that could be made accessible to everyone.


There is a lot of debate surrounding the origins of the Original Haze. The two most popular are as follows:

  • a. The Haze brothers bred Haze for many years and then sold to Nevil Schoenmaker.

According to this story, two brothers, called the Haze brothers, stumbled upon Haze when hybridizing a variety of plants that they happened to have seeds of at the time. Throughout the 70’s they bred and perfected their Haze plants, but became discouraged because the strain was so difficult to grow, a problem still daunting to many would-be Haze cultivators today.

Eventually the Haze brothers went their separate ways, but not before meeting Nevil Schoenmaker of The Seed Bank. Nevil acquired the seeds, and they made their first big market debut in 1988 when The Seed Bank released the “Haze x NorthernLights F1-Hybrid”, initially selling the seeds at a price of $100/10 seeds. Nevil went on to breed the plants further, eventually releasing many more Haze variations and sparking the Haze mania that still carries on today, for those growers skilled enough to tackle these difficult strains.

Classic Sativa Haze Phenotype

The actual pedigree of the Haze brothers Original Haze is debatable. Generally it is agreed that the parents were Thai and Columbian Sativas, though there are rumors of Indian genetics as well, and some speculation that a Mexican Sativa snuck in somewhere too.

  • b. David Watson, AKA Sam “The Skunk Man” picks up and stabilizes the Haze bros’ seed, then Nevil Schoenmaker starts it selling.

This story also begins with the Haze brothers, who may have been breeding a version of Original Haze as far back as the late ‘60’s. There seeds became pretty famous in local circles, but few people were growing them. In the early ‘80’s Sam “The Skunkman”, already a famous cannabis breeder, began breeding and refining Haze. By 1984 he released several varieties under his company Sacred Seeds. But the Hazes developed a reputation for being slow to flower (up to 16 weeks) and finicky throughout the grow, so the strain still did not spread rapidly.

Eventually Nevil Schoenmaker comes into this story too. Supposedly he purchased a batch of mixed seeds in New York that happened to include a couple of Hazes. He refined the strain and worked to stabilize it. It was his 1988 Haze release that changed the public’s reception of the strain.

So is it a, b or a little of both?

It is unclear how much Sam Skunkman was involved in the development of Haze, or exactly how early events unfolded. But we know that the Haze brothers stumbled upon something incredible, and it took nearly 20 years for word to fully get out.

After Nevil’s Haze release, the demand for Haze strains exploded. Other seedbanks began breeding Hazes, and the strains started to dominate High Times Cannabis Cup competitions. Sensi Seeds won with Silver Haze in 1989, and in the ‘90’s Green House released Super Silver Haze which stole the cannabis stage for years.

Super Silver Haze is born

In the midst of the “Haze Craze”, Nevil did some work with Arjan of the Green House Seed Company. Nevil left Green House later to work with the famous Shantibaba at Mr. Nice Seeds, but he left some of his masterpiece strains behind, including Super Silver Haze. Arjan gives the credit for breeding this powerhouse to Nevil.

There are some who say that Shantibaba, who did work as a breeder for Green House before opening Mr. Nice Seeds with Nevil, was the main breeder who worked to develop Super Silver Haze.

The strain was first released from Green House, and it is that seedbank which dominated cannabis competitions with Super Silver Haze. Super Silver Haze is also available from Mr. Nice Seeds.


From the beginning Super Silver Haze took over the High Times Cannabis Cup and she has been a constant presence in cannabis competitions ever since.

  • 2014: 1st High Times Cannabis Cup Seattle (Best U.S. Sativa)
  • 2007: 3rd Overall High Times Cannabis Cup,
  • 2005: 3rd Overall High Times Cannabis Cup
  • 2000: 3rd High Times Cannabis Cup Sativa, 3rd High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Cup
  • 1999: 1st High Times Cannabis Cup Overall,
  • 1998: 1st High Times Cannabis Cup Overall, 1st High Times Cannabis Cup (Hydro)
  • 1997: 1st High Times Cannabis Cup (Hydro)

+ Numerous High Life Hemp Cup Awards

The Strain: Super Silver Haze

Unlike some of the other legendary strains, White Widow or Northern Lights for example, there are not distinct differences in the Super Silver Haze strains available from different breeders. It is available through both Green House Seed Company and Mr. Nice Seeds, but since Shantibaba and Nevil, who offer it through Mr. Nice Seeds, both worked for Green House when Super Silver Haze came out the strains are practically identical. It seems both seedbanks recognized a great product in Super Silver Haze and have done very little, if anything, to modify it further.

Green House/Mr. Nice Seeds – Super Silver Haze Seeds

Green House Super Silver Haze Seeds

Happy. Euphoric. Uplifting. Creative. Energetic. These are the adjectives that describe the cheerful, buoyant high of Super Silver Haze. It takes only a few small puffs to feel the mind tingling effects of this bud, and they last for hours. There is a peaceful, calming body high and a nearly psychedelic mental experience that leaves even veteran smokers spinning. This is the high that won 3 Cannabis Cups and countless other awards.

Most exciting is the fact that you can grow these amazing buds. Unlike her haze sisters, Super Silver Haze is reasonably straight-forward in the grow room. The Indica influence of Northern Lights and Skunk #1 have made her friendly from germination to harvest.

Yields are higher than other hazes, and flowering finishes in just 9-11 weeks. While having 75% Sativa genetics does mean she gets big, it is easier to control Super Silver Haze than other haze strains. She can be switched to from veg to flowering early on to limit growth, and actually does quite well in SOG set-ups.

If you are growing outside you will likely see her latent tendency to stretch manifest. This can be limited without sacrificing yield by tying down or cutting off the central cola.

  • Type : 75% Sativa, 25% Indica
  • Height : Tall
  • Flowering time : 9-11 Weeks
  • Awards won : ’98,’99 1st Overall High Times Cannabis Cup + many more
  • Yield : 450 g/m2
  • Feminized : Available
  • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Moderate
  • THC level : 15-18%

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Best Strains Similar to Super Silver Haze Seeds

There are no strains that can quite match Super Silver Haze, though many have tried. Here are a few hazes that aspire to the mind altering high and ease of cultivating that Super Silver Haze has achieved.

#1 Royal Queen – Shining Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Best For: Relatively Easy, Fast Growing Haze

Royal Queen Shining Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Shining Silver Haze is Royal Queen’s answer to Super Silver Haze. This is also a cross of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights, so not surprisingly it shares many characteristics with Super Silver Haze.

The best feature of this strain is its size. The plants rarely top 4 feet when grown indoors, and growers can use various training techniques to keep her yields high. Be cautioned though- if you are lucky enough to have the hot summer climate to grow her outside she may take off, topping 8 feet in some cases!

Shining Silver Haze flowers in 10 weeks, a short time for a haze. The buds are sweet smelling, and so is the smoke. As befits a true haze, the high is energetic and creative, lasting for hours with just a few tokes. This is another haze that is accessible to the average grower, though experienced cultivators will achieve the greatest yields.

  • Type : 75% Sativa, 25% Indica
  • Height : 4 Feet
  • Finish time : 10 Weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : 600-650 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Moderate
  • THC level : 21%

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#2 Sensi – Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Best For: Easy to grow (for a Haze), Lucid High

Sensi Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Many breeders offer a version of Silver Haze, though it was first released by Sensi Seeds. This is another Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze cross which attempts to bring simplicity into the grow room while highlighting the haze qualities of the bud.

Silver Haze does a pretty good job of it. The high is uplifting and goes on and on, you can just keep smoking and keep flying all day long. The scent is distinctly piney and refreshing.

Most people will need to go indoors to successfully cultivate Silver Haze. She still has the Sativa tendency to stretch, but has short internodes and dense buds that attest to her Indica ancestry. She responds well to training, and you will find you need to top, fim or supercrop her if you are working with limited space.

  • Type : 50% Sativa, 50% Indica
  • Height : Tall
  • Flowering time : 9-11 Weeks
  • Awards won : 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup (3rd), 6 x High Life Cups
  • Yield : 400 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Moderate
  • THC level : 14%

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Best Super Silver Haze Crosses

Super Silver Haze has been used in several crosses to bring her lucid, energetic high and ease of growing to other flavorful buds.

#1 Connoisseur Genetics – Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze Feminized Seeds

Best For: Inspiring High, Durable Haze Strain

Connoisseur Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze Seeds

A cross between Green House’s Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel produced a strain that many are lovingly calling their favorite Sativa.

Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze is a bit slow in the grow room, taking up to 12 weeks to finish flowering. She also gets hungry during her veg stage, requiring plenty of nitrogen. Expect her to stretch and give her lots of space to sprawl. If you give her the space and the time you will have no problems- this is a hardy and durable strain which is unlikely to succumb to pests or mold.

The taste of the bud has been described alternately as peppery and light and citrusy. Some don’t notice much taste at all. The high comes on quickly and powerfully. The mental effects are introspective, energetic and peaceful. Many users describe increased creativity and even life-altering ideas and changes of awareness.

As the cerebral component fades the high settles into a calming physical effect that eases pain and stress.
Experienced haze smokers will find this great social weed, while newcomers may be overwhelmed by the force of the mental effects.

  • Type : Sativa dominant
  • Height : Tall
  • Finish time : 10-12 Weeks
  • Awards won : IC420 2009 (1st)
  • Yield : 350 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Moderate
  • THC level : 21%

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Buy Connoisseur Genetics – Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze Feminized Seeds today

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#2 Green House – Super Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds

Best For: Powerful Hybrid High, Lemony Flavor

Green House Super Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds

Green House’s Super Silver Haze meets Lemon Skunk in this flavorful and intensely potent hybrid.

In the grow room Super Lemon Haze can be unwieldly, like her many haze cousins. She responds well to training techniques like lollipopping or LST. If you live in a very warm climate with long summers try letting her grow outdoors, where she can become a veritable cannabis tree.

When smoked Super Lemon Haze has a tangy citrus flavor. The high is a magical hybrid blend of clear, creative haze and deep body stone. It hits quickly and lasts a long time. Her highest THC test reached 25%, so don’t plan on doing anything other than sitting back to enjoy the ride.

  • Type : Sativa 80% Indica 20%
  • Height : Tall
  • Finish time : 8-11 Weeks
  • Awards : won High Times Cup 2008 (1st), 2009 (1st), IC420 2010 (1st)
  • Yield : 500 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Moderate
  • THC level : 16-25%

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#3 Green House – Kaia Kush Feminized Seeds

Best For: Easy to Grow, Indica Stone

Green House Kaia Kush Feminized Seeds

This is perhaps the most surprising of the Super Silver Haze offspring. You would never guess Kaia Kush was 60% Sativa. Originally bred by Apothecary Genetics in California, and now offered in a stabilized form from Green House, Kaia Kush is the product of breeding a carefully chosen Super Silver Haze female with an OG Kush male.

In the grow room Kaia Kush is incredibly friendly. She stays shorter than her haze cousins, and forms dense, resinous buds with large calyxes. Her branches are thick and sturdy, easily supporting the heavy kolas. She is perfectly shaped for SCOG systems.

When smoked Kaia Kush has all the medical effects of a good Indica. She eases pain, depression and fatigue, while increasing appetite and massaging away tension. There is a brightness and creativity to the high which speaks to the haze influence. This strain is increasingly popular in the medical community.

  • Type : Sativa 60% Indica 40%
  • Height : Medium
  • Finish time : 9-10 Weeks
  • Awards won : High Times Cup 2007 (1st)
  • Yield : 750-900 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : 8%

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#4 Delicious – Critical Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds


Best For: Hybrid High, Beautiful to Grow

Delicious Critical Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

A cross between Critical+ and Super Silver Haze results in this strain which seems to take on the qualities of both parents without sacrificing anything.

The plants grow with an interesting blend of Sativa and Indica traits. The kolas are dense, resinous and heavy, yet grow irregularly with a wild diversity of colors, shapes and smells. She can get quite large, so consider using SCOG or training techniques if your space is limited.

The smoke is a beautiful blend of clear-headed, energetic haze head high and melting body stone that eases pain and physical ailments. It starts out with the intense mental effects before settling into the physical. This is not weed to smoke if you have things to do!

    • Type : Sativa 70% Indica 30%
    • Height : Medium
    • Finish time : 8-10 Weeks
    • Awards won : None
    • Yield : 450 g/m2
    • Feminized : Yes
    • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Moderate
  • THC level : 21%

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Non-Haze Strains Similar to Super Silver Haze

While Super Silver Haze made growing this group of temperamental and slow maturing plants possible for more people, there are still many out there who simply don’t want the hassle or time commitment of growing any haze variety. Here are a couple of strains that offer similar effects to Super Silver Haze without the haze.

#1 G13 Labs – Pineapple Express Seeds

Best For: Flavor, Fame, Balanced High

G13 Labs Pineapple Express Seeds

The fruity scent of Pineapple Express gave it the name that is now famous. Its genetics come from Trainwreck and Hawaiian, though from smoking it you might think there was some haze in there somewhere.

This Sativa dominant strain can get large in the grow room. This is a vigorous, hardy plant that responds well to SCOG set-ups. The buds form quickly and shine with crystal trichomes. The earliest harvests will start after 8 weeks of flowering.

The high is a nice balance of effects. It starts out with a quick cerebral buzz which is mellowed by a steadying body stone. This strain is popular for easing depression and relieving pain. A great daytime smoke that will relieve physical symptoms and keep you energized.

  • Type : 40% Indica, 60% Sativa
  • Height : Medium to Tall
  • Flowering time : 8-9 weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : High
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Medium
  • THC level : 18%

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#2 Paradise – Nebula Feminized Seeds

Best For: Easy Grow, Psychedelic High

Paradise Nebula Feminized Seeds

While the high from Super Silver Haze is often described as spiritual, the word for Nebula is psychedelic. The high is all energy and euphoria, with just enough mellow body stone to keep you calm and enjoying the experience.

Compared to the haze family, Nebula is a breeze in the grow room. She only stays to a medium height and produces ample buds in about 8 weeks of flowering. Her yields are high and she does well grown outdoors in temperate climates with long summers. She has the open structure of a Sativa which helps her to resist mold and rot in damp climates.

  • Type : 50% Indica, 50% Sativa
  • Height : Medium
  • Flowering time : 8-9 weeks
  • Awards won : 1st Prize Copa La Bella Flor Spain 2005, 3rd prize, Highlife Cup 2004, 2nd Prize at High Times Cannabis Cup 2005
  • Yield : 500-600 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : No
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : 15-18%

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What’s Next for Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze will likely continue to hold her own at cannabis competitions around the world. This strain quickly made a place for herself amongst the greats: she can stand up next to such famous strains as Jack Herer, White Widow, Northern Lights and Skunk #1.

There is no doubt that we will continue to see more crosses attempted using Super Silver Haze. There have been some attempts to use her genetics in an auto-flowering variety. For instance, Silver Haze Automatic from MSNL is a ruderalis mixed with a Super Silver Haze/Kush cross. It is feasible that soon other seedbanks will come out with autoflowering versions of Super Silver Haze.

For now, this strain should be on every grower’s “to do” list. It is not as daunting as other hazes, and the clear headed, deep body buzz and spiritual euphoria the buds induce are unmatched. You owe it to yourself to give this strain a try. After all, the buds are that much sweeter when you carefully brought them into existence from a tiny seed.


Super Silver Haze Bud

Super Silver Haze was the breakthrough strain that put haze varieties on every grower’s radar. Not only did it put the much desired haze qualities in a manageable plant, it sparkled with a unique high that wowed everyone who smoked it.

There is something euphoric and revealing about smoking Super Silver Haze. This is the perfect bud for journeys of self-discovery or an introspective afternoon. Your physical pains melt away leaving your body relaxed and humming, while your mind opens up to previously unimagined dreams and opportunities. The inspirational nature of Super Silver Haze is in a large part what made her so popular so quickly.

While Shantibaba and Neville of Mr. Nice Seeds and Arjan of Green House may have had their differences and eventual falling out, we should all be grateful of the time they did spend together. A truly incredible strain came out of their short-lived partnership. Smokers and growers the world over will continue to enjoy Super Silver Haze for years to come.

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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds
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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds
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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds
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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds
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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

Why buy Super Silver Haze seeds here?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.

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