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Yielder Max – 26 Plant – All In One Hydroponics Grow Box Review

Why the Yielder Max - 26 Plant - Grow Box?

The Yielder Max - 26 Plant - All In One Hydroponics Grow Box is one of the most popular grow boxes made by Dealzer, a company that knows what they are talking about. This all in one, mid-size system is designed to maximize yields in a small and compact space. With dual grow chambers this grow box allows for a continuous growth system. You need never run out of weed again!

Yielder Max CabinetYielder Max Grow Cabinet

What does the Yielder Max Offer?

  • Quiet, light tight and odor free, the ideal stealth system
  • Flowering chamber holds 12 plants
  • Veg chamber holds 14 plants, perfect for smaller plants or clones
  • Integrated lighting in both chambers
  • Fully filtered air flow system
  • Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponics system
  • Seed propagation area for 72 seeds
  • Easy ‘plug and go’ electrics
  • Built in wheels add mobility
  • Full instructions with ‘how to’ DVD
  • A lifetime of free tech support.
Buy this amazing system through the good guys at Dealzer

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

  • Sturdy design manufactured from 18-gauge powder coated welded steel
  • 62.5” X 24” X 31” cabinet with built in castors for ease of movement
  • Fire resistant
  • Lock and key for security
  • 12 gallon reservoir allows plenty of room for healthy root systems, better nutrient stability and lower maintenance, resulting in better yields
  • Three gallon cloner easily takes care of delicate clones and young plants
  • 72 seed germinating area puts the whole process in one compact space
  • Mufflers ensure a silent operation
  • Made in the U.S.A by hydro experts.

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • 200W MaxLume CFL – The flowering chamber uses an energy efficient bulb delivering 17,600 lumens (2700k spectrum) whilst keeping temperatures down. Ideal for enclosed spaces
  • 2' High Output T5 – This high output CFL is ideal for starting plants off and rooting clones. 24W at 6500k delivers 2800 lumens in just the right spectrum to veg your young clones and seedlings
  • Built in high tech mylar reflective insulation reflects and diffuses light, maximizing efficiency whilst reducing heat signature
  • Built in light wings direct the light where it is most needed
  • Adjustable light hangers built in for greater light efficiency
  • High quality power supply for safety and durability
  • Built in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) electrics will trip if any faults are detected, keeping you safe.

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • 10lb 1” carbon filter for a totally odorless output
  • Multiple air intake ports for maximum air movement and efficiency
  • 4” 170cfm commercial duct blower changes the air in the cabinet three times per minute, delivering plenty of fresh air and CO2 whilst avoiding heat build up
  • Washable pre filter on the air intake keeps out dirt, bugs and spores, keeping your plants healthier
  • 4” 190cfm circulation fan keeps air moving around the plants, strengthening stems.

Hydroponic system – How does it work?

The Yielder Max 26 Plant Grow Box system is a dual chamber system. Smart technology allows air to move between the chambers but keeps them light tight, allowing you to germinate, clone, veg. and flower, all in the same space at the same time. It’s as easy as 1 2 3…1. 72 Seed Germination Area
  • This lidded propagation unit has more than enough room to meet your needs. Sitting neatly in the small bottom chamber this unit has space to germinate up to 72 seeds at a time

2. Small Chamber –Vegetative/Cloning Chamber

yielder-max-small-chamberThis is the lower and smaller of the chambers
  • Space for up to 14 smaller plants at 8” – 12” tall
  • The built in cloner provides space for 14 clones or seedlings to develop roots and get started. The three gallon tank comes with 2 X12” air stones for a deep-water culture (DWC) system that is perfect for essential root development
  • This chamber is lit by the High Output T5, delivering the right kind of light directly to your young plants.

3. Large Chamber– Flowering Chamber

yielder-max-upper-chamberThe upper chamber is the main chamber and this is where you will carry out your flowering.
  • Room to flower up to 12 plants at 3ft tall
  • Fully integrated 12 plant combo system uses Deep Water Culture (DWC), aeroponics and wick to deliver nutrients and oxygen directly to your plants’ root system
  • 200W MaxLume CFL on adjustable hangers allows you to change the height of your light to maximize light intensity
  • Built in net trellis attaches to set net points to control plant height and maximize yield
  • Air pump and 2 X 12” air stones keep those roots well fed and healthy.
The Yielder Max All in One 26 Plant Grow Box provides the perfect all in one system. Germinate your seeds in the purpose built germination area. Then transfer them (or your clones) to the cloning tank where the DWC system will promote vigorous root growth and give them the best start in life.When they are ready there is space for 12 mature plants in the main flowering chamber. Here another DWC system will bring your plants on to fruition using one of the most productive hydroponic systems available.High quality analogue timers are built in for ease of use and reliability, ensuring that your system functions correctly without you having to attend to it all of the time.

Nutrients and Extras

  • Botanicare CNS17 Grow/Bloom/Ripe
– Botanicare are one of the world leaders in hydroponic nutrients. Their full system Grow/Bloom/Ripe nutrients provide everything needed for successful growing with bumper yields. Full instructions and feeding program included.
  • Net pots 3.75" and 2” – Makes handling delicate young plants easy
  • Rasta Bob's Coco Mon Grow Medium – This innovative product uses spun coco which is thoroughly cleaned before being bound with natural polymers. The perfect medium to give your plants all of the support they need without clogging, leeching or excessive saturation
  • Root Riots Clone and Seed Starter Cubes – These plant starter cubes have been inoculated with micro-nutrients and beneficial rooting fungi to assist your young plants with the first stages of growth and the development of healthy root networks
  • Digital TDS Meter - Keep on top of your nutrient solution with this easy to operate digital TDS meter
  • pH Adjuster Kit – The correct pH levels are crucial to your plant’s health and consequent yield. Keeping them right is easy with this supplied pH adjuster kit
  • Owner's manual & DVD – If you are new to this and sometimes feel like you’re suffering from information overload, simply sit back and watch the supplied DVD which explains everything, step by step, in easy to follow language.


The Yielder Max All in One 26 Plant System comes with a 3 year warranty plus a lifetime customer support. Contact Dealzer by either e-mail or telephone for continual, ongoing tech support.

Optional Upgrades

Your standard Yielder Max Grow Box System supplies everything you need to successfully grow a full crop of healthy plants. However, for those who want more, Dealzer offer these fantastic optional upgrades.

LED Grow Light Panel

This 45W LED grow light panel is intended as a supplement to your main light. LEDs have gained massive popularity for their energy efficiency and low heat signature. Adding extra light to the sides of the plants, as opposed to only from above, will promote bud production on the lower branches and can increase yields by 25%.
  • 12" x 12" x 1.5"
  • 45 Watts (0.3125 watts per bulb)
  • 0.28 amps
  • 5:1 red blue ratio designed for flowering
  • 630 NM red, 460 NM blue.

Six Month Standard Nutrient Package

A six month supply of the excellent Botanicare CNS17 plant nutrient package will save you 20% on the cost. They’ll throw in the shipping for free too! You will receive:
  • 1litre X CNS17 Grow
  • 2 litre X CNS17 Bloom
  • 1 litre X CNS17 Ripe

Six Month Expert Nutrient Package

A six month supply of the same Botanicare base nutrients PLUS a range of supplements and additives. This range gives you absolutely everything to grow like a pro. You’re now entering a level of cultivation that can otherwise take years to achieve. Full instructions and feeding program supplied. As well as the basic Botanicare nutrient system you will receive:
  • 1 litre X Cal-Mag Plus
  • 1 litre X Liquid Karma
  • 1 litre X Hydroplex
  • 2 litre X Sweet Raw
  • 1 litre X Silica Blast
  • 2 litre X Aqua Shield
  • 1 litre X Clearex

What people saying about the Yielder Max – 26 Plant - Grow Box

"I did a lot of research before I chose the Yielder Max. All the publicity looked great so I decided to go with it. There was an initial issue with parts being out of stock, but communications from the company were excellent. I was kept updated at all times and when the item finally shipped tracking information was provided and I felt in safe hands. When the Yielder Max finally arrived I was very happy. Packaging was discreet and very thorough, the whole unit being palletized. Once unpacked we found everything in order, exactly as it should be. Set up was very simple using the manual and I had the unit up and running in around an hour. I checked the machine and it is light tight and totally silent. Still need to check the odor as my first grow has not yet come to fruition. However I have total faith in this item. Customer service is superb and I am confident that I will get back up if I need it. So far my experience with this company has been very satisfactory and I would recommend this system to anybody."
Dealzer are industry leaders and they have cemented their reputation as such with this Yielder Max Grow Box. A mid range box that is ideal for novices or for those who want to step up to the next level.