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Best Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Top 10 Best Autoflowering Seeds

Maybe you’ve written off auto-flowering seeds because you’ve heard that their yields are low, their phenotypes erratic and their highs less potent than those of their light-dependent sisters. Perhaps that was once true, but many breeders have been hard at work and they have produced what may sound like a miracle: high yielding, hard hitting, reliable auto-flowering seeds. It is time to give autos another chance. We have the current, 2018 Top Ten Auto-Flowering Seeds to help point you in the right direction, but first let’s review a little…

What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds?

Auto-flowering seeds are not light dependent for flowering. They germinate, shoot up a few leaves and start setting flowers, without you fussing over their light schedules.

Huh. That’s weird. How did that come about?

All auto-flowering seeds are the result of crossing our well-known and much loved Sativa and Indica plants with the somewhat less popular Ruderalis strains. Ruderalis is a type of cannabis that evolved to thrive in the 18-24 hour daylight of summers in Northern Russia and the Northern parts of Eastern Europe. There the summer days are long, sometimes endless, and by the time they start to shorten it is far too cold for a plant to be making flowers.

Ruderalis Wild

As you probably know our normal and familiar cannabis plants require a switch from 24 hours of light to 12 in order to stimulate flowering, without which they just veg and veg. If wild Ruderalis followed this example, all its flowers would freeze before setting seed. So it switched to a time schedule, instead of a light schedule, producing flowers as early as 3 weeks after germinating.

What that means for you in the grow room:

  • Faster flowering=shorter wait for the harvest
  • No need for separate vegging and flowering rooms
  • Plants of different ages can all be grown together, leading to:
  • A CONSTANT supply of marijuana

So why have I heard that they aren’t all that great?

The flaws in auto-flowering seeds come from their roadside origins. The reason you haven’t smoked any pure Ruderalis is simple – it is the ditchiest of ditch weed. Hardy, compact, resilient and frankly, boring. The THC content of Ruderalis strains tends to be low, as are the yields and the highs are weak and lack the psychedelic effects so many of us seek. These traits showed in the early autos- they were weaker than their sister strains and their yields were lower. The ease and speed of growing simply didn’t make up for their lack of oomph, or compensate for the small harvests.

But… Breeders are pretty good at what they do.

Auto-flowering seeds have been around for awhile now, and the breeders have gotten savvy. With intensive breeding, they are now whipping out auto seeds that produce anywhere from 500-1000g/m2 and will put you on the couch for hours.

How to grow your auto seeds:

Auto-flowering plants tend to be small (though there are exceptions, check out Lemon Haze Auto below) and do well in high density grow systems like Sea of Green. They can also thrive in containers, but don’t like to be transplanted. Germinate them in their final pots (1-2 gallons works great).

Top 10 Best Autoflowering Feminized Seeds


Easy Ryder Autoflowering

Indica/Sativa14-16% THCMedium

Afghan Kush Ryder Auto Fem

Indica/Ruderalis22% THC100-150 g/m2

Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Fem

Indica/Ruderalis20% THC30-50 g/plant

Heavyweight – Fast and Vast Auto Fem

80% Indica, 20% Sativa17-19% THC600-800 g/m2

Cash Crop Auto-Flowering

Indica DominantUp to 22% THC550 g/m2

Jack Herer Auto Seeds

30% Indica, 50% Sativa, 20% RuderalisMedium80-100 g/plant

Auto White Widow Feminized

Indica, Sativa & Ruderalis17% THC425-550 g/m2

Pandora Autoflowering Feminized

70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis15-18% THC400 g/m2

Lemon Haze Auto Feminized

Sativa Dominant, Indica, RuderalisHighup to 150 g per plant

THC Bomb Autoflowering Feminized

Indica, Sativa20%+ THC550-650 g/m2

SOG Auto

One of the great advantages of auto seeds is the possibility of staggering your planting for a continuous crop in the same space. Each time you harvest a bud or remove a male (they tend to show 2-3 weeks after germinating) plant a new seed. No need to change the light; most autos do best on 18 hours of light a day from germ to harvest.

For the biggest yields, you do have to pay attention to feeding. It is important to switch from veg stage nutrients to flowering nutrients at about 4 weeks after germination or as soon as you see flowers starting to form.

Most autos perform beautifully outside, often giving higher yields than their indoor counterparts. The Ruderalis genetics lend these strains a degree of hardiness; they are often mold resistant and able to handle fluctuating temperatures and odd watering schedules better than their pure Indica and Sativa relatives.

So you’re ready to give autos a try?

You really should. The intense breeding programs of the last few years have produced some really remarkable strains. These are autos that you would think were purely Indica/Sativa, if it weren’t for the fact that they grow FASTER and EASIER than any light dependent seeds you’ve tried.

To sum up the auto-flowering seeds…

Auto-flowering cannabis has finally made the transition from great idea to great reality. It took a long time. The first auto seeds, the original Lowryder by The Joint Doctor, came out around 2003. We are twelve years and hundreds of plant generations in to auto breeding, and we are finally seeing the plants of our dreams. Thanks to the tough, adaptable genetics of the wild Ruderalis, growers everywhere can now have the pleasure of growing fast, heavy yielding, sweet smoking cannabis without the hassle of having two grow rooms. So ditch the light schedules and give our favorite auto-flowering seeds a try:

2018 Top 10 Autoflowering Seeds

#1 The Joint Doctor – Easy Ryder Autoflowering

Best For: EASY! Multiple Harvests Outdoors, Good Yield

Joint Doctor Easy Ryder Auto

This is the strain to buy if you are just starting out with auto-flowering plants. It simply doesn’t get any easier to grow than Easy Ryder. Indoors she will produce well in just about any light conditions. For the highest yields, 20 hours of light, 4 of dark during the entire cycle works best. Outdoors plant some seeds every 2-3 weeks until 8 weeks before your first frost to get a continual harvest.

Under the best light conditions, Easy Ryder offers a solid yield for an auto-flowering strain. It is the best of its parent strains- fruity aroma from the Joint Doctor’s Lowryder #2 coupled with the growth, high resin production and pleasant, motivating cerebral high of the Vision-AK47. If you are new to the auto-flowering game, the Easy Ryder is a great place to start.

  • Type : Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
  • Height : Small
  • Flowering time : 8-9 weeks
  • Awards won : none
  • Yield : Medium
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : EASY
  • THC level : 14-16%

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#2 World of Seeds – Afghan Kush Ryder Auto Fem

Best For: Fast, Stinky, Incredibly potent

World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder

A seed that will grow nearly anywhere. 22% THC. A knockout mental high that is completely narcotic. World of Seeds’ Afghan Kush Ryder is the perfect choice for the true Indica lover.

While the seeds are easy to grow for the greenest of beginners, the final product is for experienced tokers only. She will knock you flat with her deliciously pungent smoke. The potent sedative effects of this strain make her a hit with many medicinal users.

She is typically a small plant (around 80 cm), though some growers have reported greater heights when growing outdoors. Don’t let her small size trick you into thinking you can hide her away anywhere- Afghan Kush Ryder has a powerful skunky odor that will give her away every time.

This is a wildly popular strain that has earned every bit of its fame. If you haven’t tried it yet, today is the day to get your order in.

  • Type : Indica/ Ruderalis
  • Height : Medium
  • Flowering time : 7-8 weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : 100-150 g/m2 indoors
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : 22%

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#3 Vision – Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Fem

Best For: EASIEST to Grow, Narcotic High

Vision Northern Lights Auto

Vision Seeds Northern Lights has long been considered one of the easiest plants to grow. It grows anywhere, is incredibly forgiving of fertilizer and light condition faux pas, AND delivers a powerful high. Well, Vision Seeds just made this beautiful strain even better with the introduction of Northern Lights Auto!

A cross between the original Northern Lights and a high performing Mexican Ruderalis, Northern Lights Auto is about as easy as it gets. She goes from seed to smoke in 8 short weeks, has a high flower to leaf ratio and tolerates a beginner’s mistakes with grace.

Her taste is mild but her smoke is dense. She will hit you mind and body with a deep, lethargic and intensely relaxing high. For ease of growth coupled with fantastic Indica effects, Northern Lights Auto is your girl.

  • Type : Indica/Ruderalis
  • Height : 100-130 cm
  • Flowering time : 7-8 weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : 30-50 g/plant
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : EASY
  • THC level : 20%

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#4 Heavyweight – Fast and Vast Auto Fem

Best For: HIGH Yield, Fast Flowering, Mellow High

Heavy Weight Fast and Vast Auto

If you have been waiting for an auto strain that can really produce, your wait is over. Heavyweight’s Fast and Vast has finally achieved that which has been lacking in most auto-flowering strains until now- YIELD. Producing up to 800 g/m2, Fast and Vast can hold her own against most non-auto seeds.

Producing huge buds in as few as 7 weeks, Fast and Vast sounds too good to be true. But it gets better- Heavyweight has created speed and yield without sacrificing quality. The smoke is sweet and spicy; the high comes on quick and hard and leaves you completely mellow and relaxed.

If you have avoided autos in the past, now is the time to give this auto a try. With Fast and Vast Auto, auto-flowering seeds have finally broken out into true competition with their light dependent sisters.

  • Type : 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
  • Height : One meter
  • Flowering time : 7-8 weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : 600-800 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : 17-19%
  • CBD level : 0.8%

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#5 Cream of the Crop – Cash Crop Auto-Flowering

Best For: Money does Grow on Trees!

Cash Crop Auto

A true “cash crop” of auto seeds, this strain from Cream of the Crop is a high yielding, sweet smoking, easy growing plant with great potential for both home and commercial growers. While she is slightly slower than some of the other autos, taking about 70 days to produce, she makes up for it with huge, taut colas so big they often need support in the last week or two.

The taste is sweet and skunky; the high is cerebral and stunning. The buds are tight, compact and covered with golden dust. The dense colas and tight leaf structure make for great oil production as well.

With big yields, uncomplicated growing and a delicious high that is going to be loved by medical and recreational users alike, Cash Crop is an obvious winner.

  • Type : Indica Dominant
  • Height : Medium
  • Flowering time : 10 weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : 550 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : Up to 22%

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#6 Green House – Jack Herer Auto Seeds

Best For: Balanced High, Effective Pain Relief

Jack Herer Auto

A new release from Green House Seeds, Jack Herer Auto has all the beauty of its father strain coupled with the ease of an auto. Jack Herer, winner of the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup, is widely acknowledged as one of the best strains out there, and has sired many current Sativa favorites.

In creating an auto version of Jack Herer, Green House Seeds has managed to preserve the best qualities of the original, while creating an easy to grow, nearly bomb proof plant that flowers with anywhere from 12-18 hours of light a day.

The smoke is perfectly smooth. The high comes on immediately with a deep body stone that massages away aches and pains. The head high is clear, lucid and motivating. Jack Herer Auto gently balances mind and body, reducing anxiety, relieving pain and leaving you energized and calm. A beautiful high true to its roots, in a package that couldn’t be easier to grow.

  • Type : 30% Indica, 50% Sativa, 20% Ruderalis
  • Height : 80-100 cm
  • Flowering time : 7-9 weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : 80-100 g/plant
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : Medium

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#7 Pyramid – Auto White Widow – Auto Fem

Best For: Mind and Body High, Just like the Original!

Auto White Widow

The White Widow… perhaps one of the most well-known and well-loved strains in the world. This is an auto version of our old friend from Pyramid Seeds. They have done an uncanny job of retaining the quality of the original while cutting the flowering time by 25-30%.

Auto White Widow grows significantly smaller than her sister, but produces the same compact, resin coated buds that inspired the name. The high is that delightful hybrid balance of mind and body effects that made her so famous in the first place. She tastes sweet as candy.

An easy to grow, reliable automatic version of an old favorite. If you have held off growing the Widow because of her size, give the Auto White Widow a try. She is just as tasty and a little easier to work with.

  • Type : Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis
  • Height : 60-90 cm
  • Flowering time : 60-68 days
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : 425-550 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : 17%

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#8 Paradise – Pandora Autoflowering Feminized

Best For: Long Lasting Medicinal Stone, Easy and Fast

Paradise Pandora Auto

Paradise Seeds makes the claim that Pandora is the best auto-flowering strain in the world. They just may be right. Pandora is easy to grow, fast to flower, consistent in yield and delivers a powerful Indica stone.

Unlike many autos, Pandora’s leaf to calyx ratio makes her incredibly easy to trim. Her buds are long and compact with lots of resin. She grows fast and is a light feeder, able to thrive indoors and out.

The stone is heavy and powerful, but with a Sativa shot of lucidity. Pandora will give you a strong, long lasting, medicinal effect that is heavy but won’t fog your mind.

Is it the best auto in the world? You’ll have to try it and let us know!

  • Type : 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis
  • Height : 0.9-1.2 meters
  • Flowering time : 60-65 days
  • Awards won : Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2012 (2nd Autoflowering)
  • Yield : 400 g/m2
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : 15-18%

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#9 Emerald Triangle – Lemon Haze Auto Fem

Best For: Upbeat high, Easy Outdoor Grow

Lemon Haze Auto

Sweet smelling and delicious! Everything about Lemon Haze is clear, crisp and open. She shows her Sativa dominance in her height, ranginess and long internodes. A big girl, she likes to be fed! Low Stress Training is a great option to keep her under control, otherwise grow her outside where she will thrive.

Lemony goodness dominates the high as well as the tangy taste of this strain. For the recreational user the hit gives a bright, creative boost, while medicinal users will enjoy relief from migraines and symptoms of PTSD.

A reliable auto, Lemon Haze is easy to grow as long as you have the room. If you are looking for a bright, clean high and a grow room full of crisp lemon smells, Lemon Haze is the plant for you.

  • Type : Sativa Dominant, Indica, Ruderalis
  • Height : Tall
  • Flowering time : 6 weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : up to 150 g per plant
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : High

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Buy Emerald Triangle Lemon Haze Autoflowering Feminized Seeds today

These are trusted partners to delivery fresh Emerald Triangle Lemon Haze Autoflowering Feminized Seeds worldwide.

#10 Bomb – THC Bomb Autoflowering Feminized

Best For: Easy to grow, Incredibly potent, High yields

Bomb THC Auto

THC Bomb Auto is the result of careful breeding at Bomb Seeds to produce an auto-flowering, feminized version of their reknowned THC Bomb that has all the power and potency of the original. A fast growing, citrus scented and smooth smoking strain, Bomb Auto will also put you on the couch for hours.

The Bomb Auto is an easy grower. She thrives in soil, and gets an extra lemony flavor. In a hydroponic set-up she grows even faster, producing massive buds with record speed. You would never know she is an auto! You can even put her outside and get delicious, low maintenance results.

While the Bomb Auto is suitable for the most novice grower, her buds will satisfy the most experienced smoker. The stone is heavy and settles on your body like a thick blanket. Medicinal users will find her a great relief from insomnia, stress and muscle pain. With her high yields and speedy finish time, Bomb Auto shows us just how far auto-flowering seeds have come.

  • Type : Indica, Sativa
  • Height : 65-90 cm
  • Flowering time : 7-9 weeks
  • Awards won : None
  • Yield : Very High (550-650 g/m2)
  • Feminized : Yes
  • Autoflowering : Yes
  • Growth difficulty : Easy
  • THC level : 20%+

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  1. shaun summers says:

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  2. sirrallo says:

    Who is the most reputable seed company out? is there anybody close to st. louis that is cool? any suggestions on what auto strain grows fastest? which is most potent?

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  3. Hardwickbonghead says:

    What distance should my 400w light be away from my autos ???

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    • CannaBus says:

      12 inches with good air circulation. Air cooled 6 – 8 inches. I quite using air cooled as the class blocks UV aid UV1 light rays.

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  4. fast eddie says:

    Can I get feminised seeds from an automatic 60 day wonder

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  5. Dennisd says:

    Can I bring my girls outside during daylifht and bring back under the lights in mid afternoon.


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  6. greek says:

    hey mark most autoflowering strains do grow fine under 24hour light but you dont gain much compared to 18hours light 6hours dark
    and to paul sulivan if all your tricomes are amber your already late on cutting it down i only ever give 10 to 11 weeks unless i find it sativa or haze dominant

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  7. paul sulivan says:

    whats if my auto grows for longer than 11 weeks. now in week 12. and its trics are all amber. can i grow it to long. and if so whats will happen?

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    • Krush says:

      I have seen them go(THC BOMB) for 16 weeks, biggest mistake there is …taking them to soon….LED Lights/Autos…winning combo.

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  8. mark says:

    Is it ok to leave the light on all the time?

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  9. Dave says:

    NO, you can not clone auto’s
    They (clones) will NOT return to veg and if done early the cutting will simply continue it’s flowering and not increase in size

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  10. Pad says:

    Very informative. Can you clone auto flowering plants?

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    • AutoflowerWeed says:

      You can clone them but it has no point because the clones will flower at the same time so you will have a bunch of flowering clones.

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