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PC Grow Boxes

pc grow box interiorPC Grow Boxes are the ultimate in stealth growing. There's an old saying about hiding things in plain sight and these compact and self contained units do just that. Whoever comes to your house, they are unlikely to notice that PC tower in the corner humming away to itself. It looks just like any of the millions of PC towers in homes across the globe. Lots of people even add a dummy monitor to complete the picture. PC grow boxes are constructed from PC tower boxes, but inside, instead of hard drives, mother boards and graphics cards, they are kitted out, all ready for the stealthiest of indoor marijuana grows. Of course, a PC tower is by its very nature quite small so these systems are normally designed to hold just one or two compact plants. Small autoflowering strains are perfect. If you are looking to grow larger amounts of marijuana, and stealth is important to you, you should check out our page on stealth grow boxes. PC grow boxes are normally odor-proof, thanks to either small carbon filters or gel systems. Although these odor control systems are small, they are in balance with the capacity of the box and should keep odors away without a problem.

Dealzer offer the original PC Grow Box

SuperCloset offer the SuperLocker LED Grow Box

pc grow box for stealthPC grow boxes are normally light tight. Interior light baffles prevent light escaping via the fan and keep it all inside. PC grow boxes are whisper quiet. Operating at a low level hum, the only noise from your PC grow box is the noise of a PC fan. The result is that your PC grow box makes exactly the same noise as...a PC. PC grow boxes come as turnkey units that just plug and play. Everything you need to set up straight away is included – just add the plants! Completely automated, PC grow boxes are low maintenance and secure, so once you have set yours up, you can leave it to look after itself for days.

PC Grow Box

PC Grow Box GOOD FOR: Small grows up to 2 small plants The original PC Grow Box from Dealzer is still considered to be one of the best on the market. This well designed system makes the absolute best use of such a confined space, filling it with lights, ventilation, odor control and a self contained hydroponic system. There's still enough space left after all that for two marijuana plants to grow to fruition. Find out more about this PC grow box here.