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The Growing Rack: A Great New Way to Grow Marijuana Indoors

We were recently introduced to a new product called The Growing Rack. This hybrid indoor grow space is interesting for a number of reasons. They use commercial grade shelving to create a usable grow space with nearly endless possible configurations and setups. The main unit can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. Easy enough for beginners and experienced growers will appreciate the configurability, scalability and accessible space.

Features of The Growing Rack

The Growing Rack falls somewhere between a grow tent and grow box (or cabinet). It’s more substantial than most grow tents, yet offers configuration options not available in a typical grow box. The heavy-duty powder coated steel parts and soft dual-layer vinyl sides that attach with Velcro allow quick access to every inch of your grow. The deluxe models even include caster wheels so you can move it effortlessly from one location to another or to access the back of your grow, add equipment or simply clean the floor.The Growing Rack includes some really nice touches including movable light bars, caster wheels, melamine coated shelf boards with pre-cut vents and pass-through grommets so you can route wires, tubes, hoses, etc through each shelf. Wires, tubes, meters, SCROG netting, etc can be attached to the metal supports to keep them out of the way and keep your grow space free of clutter. The melamine coated boards also make cleaning up a breeze.Experienced growers will appreciate the available shelving, ventilation and lighting options. Many of these configurations can be quickly changed by simply turning or flipping the shelf boards to match your particular needs or by moving (or removing) the shelves themselves. With 6.5’ of available vertical space it allows growers to use it as a dual chamber (veg/bloom, veg/veg, bloom/bloom) all in one grow space or by removing the center shelf it can handle plants over 6’ tall.The best part is the total expandability of the unit: You can’t easily expand a ten or grow box, but this unit is different. You can actually expand the space as needed by just replacing the parts you need. You don’t need to buy a whole new unit, just a few parts. This really sets it apart from any other system currently available and adds value to anyone who might otherwise outgrow the available space.After talking with the founder of the company, we were given the impression that he truly wants to make indoor growing easy and accessible to everyone. He was a really helpful guy and confident in his grow room setups. We are confident in saying that he enjoys indoor gardening and it’s reflected in the craftsmanship of The Growing Rack. We love the new system and it is available now (with free shipping throughout the continental USA) at