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Autoflowering and Feminized Marijuana Strains

Marijuana Seed Strains: An Introduction

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Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa (C.Sativa var. Sativa)

There are two key types of marijuana strains (cannabis) – Sativa and Indica. Each strain has its own unique properties and characteristics which will vary the strength, yield, size, type of high and growing conditions required. Depending on how you want to cultivate and grow your plants knowing about these strains and their traits will be a great help in deciding the variety for you!This is the original strain which originated in Asia, The Americas and Africa. Depending on where the original strain came from they will vary a little but all tend towards similar traits. These are, they grow tall and leggy in statue, with loose buds and more sparse flowers when grown indoors. These marijuana strains grow very fast and can take up to four months before buds form and harvest. The trade off of this is; strains are very potent with a high THC – CBD ratio giving a soaring, energetic “speedy” high. Sativa plants also have the advantage of not tending to be as strong in their aroma which can be beneficial when growing in less conspicuous environments. The flavor is often more sweet, fruity and spicy. More about Cannabis Sativa.

Marijuana or Cannabis Indica (C.Sativa var Indica)

These marijuana strain varieties originated in India and Pakistan and are highly prized by many growers and breeders for their squat, bushy growth, tightly packed buds, stout stems and compact root systems. They range in shape from a rounded bush to a pine like shape. The leaves are usually of a much darker shade of green and can even turn a purple color in some strains. As they are able to process light more efficiently from greater quantities of chlorophyll they tend to have shorter grow times. This will also lead to the buds being denser and more blocky. The high from these plants is like their smell strong and heavy, with a real body stoned lethargic hit. This is caused by a higher CBD – THC ratio. The flavor is far more intense and acrid often having a skunky / musky quality. More about Cannabis Indica.

Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds

The first auto-flowering marijuana seeds came onto the market many decades ago now and have been a huge success ever since. Autoflowering seeds begin their flowering automatically when they reach a given level of maturity, regardless of the photoperiod. In comparison 'normal' seeds will continue to grow until their lighting is reduced enough as a replication of falls arrival. Most of the auto-flowering marijuana seeds are a hybrid of Indica and Sativa and can start around week three.  More info on auto-flowering marijuana seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seeds give a tremendous advantage under artificial lighting, outdoors or in the greenhouse. They will deliver optimal quality as well as showing the strongest characteristics of the strain. The quality, taste , flavor and potency (THC/CBD %) of marijuana produced from feminized seeds is significantly higher than those produced by non feminized seeds. Although these seeds will produce 99% feminized plants , there are other factors that will also help increase the quality and the likelihood of female plants. More info on feminized marijuana seeds.1) Higher nitrogen (N) concentration;2) Higher humidity;3) Lower temperature;4) More blue light;

Indoor / Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Whether a plant is designated “indoor” or “outdoor” is based around the optimum growing conditions for that strain. As most varieties of marijuana come from plants that naturally thrive in a tropic or sub tropic region, this is normally the preferred medium for the majority of plants. Of course, as not everybody lives in these types of climate, different marijuana strains have been bred with different tolerances to heat and cold, or the strength of sunlight falling on them etc.With this in mind in more northerly climates (Holland, Canada etc) those plants that need more heat and light are labelled as 'indoor'. Whereas plants that have been bred to endure cooler climates can be grown outdoors such as Alaskan Thunder Fuck. If you live in a temperate climate than most indoor strains can be grown outdoors and vice-versa. More about the best marijuana seed strains.


THC – Tetrahydrocannibinol, the physiological ingredient which is the main source of the “high” effect felt from Cannabis. Most plants will contain between 5-15% THC but some newer strains are now pushing 20%. This does not necessarily mean that it is better as there are other factors that affect the smoke, including taste, aroma and CBN level. CBD – Cannabichromene, the chemical that usually prolongs the high and gives the "high" effect.

10 thoughts on “Autoflowering and Feminized Marijuana Strains

  1. Richard says:

    That’s a good question. All I can get from the data is how many days a month someone tokes.
    So the data might show somebody who tokes 30 days a month a daily toker, but it doesn’t say whether that’s a smoke two joints in the morning and stay high all day toker or someone who works all day, takes care of kids at night, then smokes a joint before going to bed.
    So the 1-5 days? That could mean I smoked one puff once on one day. Or I toked every Saturday all day long. Or I had a five-day weekend and hotboxed the whole time.

  2. Linda says:

    I want to grow my own plants in order to make tea. I use it for pain and to help me sleep. I only us it right before bed time. What indica seeds should I use?

  3. Warren James Elliott says:

    Warren Elliott
    3/122-128 Mcintosh Road
    Narraweena 2099
    Sydney NSW
    To whom it may concern
    My name is Warren Elliott 55 I’m on the married pension and disabled, My wife wrote this because I can’t write or spell very much so I dictated what I say I’ve got right side hemiplegia witch is my right side is much weaker than the other side threw a car accident 33+ years ago witch left me brain damage, got arthritis threw out my body, scoliosis in my back, had 19 operation’s and more to came going to have an operation on my back soon. I can only use one arm to do things which gives me pain all the time. I take pain killers (oxycontin and Endone) I don’t like taking them there very addictive.
    I smoke which helps much more, when I can get it, afford it. It would be much appreciated if you could help me get medical marijuana or cannabis I’m finding it very expensive. MEDICAL.Trail

  4. anthony smetzler says:

    want to get pure strains please help

  5. vilisious says:

    compact cfl are cheep to run around £3 for 10,000 hrs bulb lasts for around 3/5years on average, ebay usaly has them very cheap, got both the red and blue spectrums separatly but only costing a total of £18 including delivery and arrived in 3days. also self balasting so even better, hav been using sucsessfully for a while now. Very successfully lol

  6. superfeen says:

    hey not trying to advertise or anything but i have now ordered twice of a website called demonseeds.com i live in western Australia so it is illegal to import cannabis seeds and grow them but they pack the seeds wrapped in a t shirt in a xray proof bag and i got them through international customs.. if i had f been caught i would be in jail haha (why inprison ppl from such a relaxed culture haha).. it took me about 3-4 weeks to recieve the seeds well worth the wait and for $30 i now have 3 healthy plants with over 20% THC content ready to smoke in 2-3 months indoors..
    one thing i got stuck on was germination.. the only way i have found effective is getting 2 plates 3 soaking wet tissues on each put the seed in the middle so flip a plate and then water them once a day remember to keep it at room temp and AWAY FROM LIGHT.. this method worked flawlessly for me and only took 2-3 days each to develop roots of about 4-5cm in length or 1 inch and a half.. then put them in pots using tap water to water them for the nutrients in it and when they start to grow a 3-4 of (i dunno how to describe it) like little leaf branches u can them move them indoors under hydro lights (good kits aval. on ebay) expose the plant u have just pu in to 18hrs of light per day for 2 weeks then only have them on for about 8-10 hours per day (not sure about ur electricity bill but running these lights isnt cheap ur looking at about an extra $100 per month on ur bill per light, a way around this is to get solar panels installed on ur house took $600 off my bill, so if ur planning on being a long time grower these are a wise investment, also ive noticed running the lights at night is cheaper).
    now remembering weed is a plant u need to water it every day and ask ur nursery about nutrients to improve the pants height, grow speed, and general health. now about 2-3 months in depending on the strain and the development of ur plant/s u will need to start the flowering cycle so that mean back to 18hrs of light per day and you will need to flush ur plant/s meaning no nutrients only use water. after a few weeks of flowering pull ur plant when the buds r ready (if ur a smoker u can tell) dry out ur plant for 2-3 days then ur ready for smoking.. hope this helped a few ppl

    happy smoking 🙂

  7. richard says:

    im a newbie when it comes to growing marijuana & am looking to purchase some good auto flowering femenised seeds for both indoor & outdoor growing any suggestions I like the traits of the plants being dwarfs for concealing purposes any suggestions?

  8. ROPE HEAD says:

    hello.I first found grass growing on the banks of the Hunter river
    that flows to Newcastle nsw au in the early 60s.I took a few tomatto boxs of seedling to the nort coast of nsw and grew it in the sugar cane fields successfully in the late 60s by mid 70s I was done for conspiracy a charge One cant beat,got 8 yrs in a toilet 18 hours a day in stinking hot weather.I now live in London and learning all the new ways of doing a good crop.saving for some Jack Herer seed.
    I loved reading your web site good luck have a good life.

  9. maximo says:

    im planning to buy indica seeds how long will take me to harvest im buying from http://www.marijuana-seeds.nl and im live in the usa and is ilegal how i can recive the seeds without getting a problem with the law.

  10. Harry shaft says:

    i suffer from hairline fractures frm my L1 to L3 3 herniated dics and two bulging dics. I don’t touch pain killers and need another alternative. I need something mello that will cure this unbearable pain 1) I haven’t smoke in over 20 tears and I’m afraid of the high THC.2)I like to grow a couple plants but I’m clueless how to even start. A little help would be greatly appreciated as I’m clueless. Thanks bro….. X Harry

    Admin: Hello Harry, there are lots of helpful people on our sister forum to discuss the medical use of marijuana:

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