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Cannabis Seed Bank Reviews


This cannabis seed bank review is here to help you make informed seed strain buying decisions. You might want indoor, outdoor, cup winners or a seed strain better suited to medical marijuana.


Click around and share your experience with other cannabis growers. There is space for you to review each seed bank. Spammers are simply un-cool.

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Cannabis Seed Banks A-Z

B.C. Bud Depot seedsGreen House seedsReserva Privada seeds
Barneys Farm seedsGrowiResin seeds bank
Big Buddha seeds Hemp Depot seeds bankRoyal Queen seeds bank
Bulldog seeds bankHerbies SeedsSagarmatha seeds bank
Cali Connection seedsHome Grown Fantaseeds bankSamsara seeds bank
Cannabiogen seedsKannabia seeds bankSeedism seeds bank
Cannapot seedsKiwi seeds bankSeedsman seeds bank
Cannabis seeds.comLowryder seeds bankSensi Seeds bank
Cannaseur seeds bankMagus Genetics seedsSerious seeds bank
Ceres seeds bankMandala seeds bankShort Stuff seeds bank
Ch9 Female seedsMr Nice seeds bankSoma seeds bank
Delta 9 Labs seedsNirvana.nl seeds bankSweet seeds bank
DNA Genetics seedsParadise seeds bank TGA subcool seeds bank
Dr Atomic seedsPositronics seeds bankTH Seeds bank
Dutch Passion seedsPyramid seeds bankWhite Label seeds bank
Flying dutchman seedsEl Candestino seedsReal Seed Company
G13 Labs seeds bankReeferman seeds bank

Buying Cannabis Seeds

There are many cannabis seed banks online, spread across many different countries. If you’re going to purchase online you’ll want to do it with some peace of mind.

In the first instance use some common sense. Try to deal with well-established seed banks.

Check Out Some of the Biggest

paradise-seedsGree Nouse Seeds

By far the best way to find out how reliable a cannabis seed bank is to hear what people who have dealt with them have got to say.

Who Do We Trust?


Herbie Seeds

We know that these companies will deliver your seeds worldwide. They have been in the business for a long time. We trust in their service and always hear positive feedback from buyers. You will get fresh seeds delivered securely.

NOT Recommended Seed Banks

During research for this piece, we have found some seed banks have cropped up again and again with negative reviews and warnings.

Be aware of these websites! Buy from these at your own risk!


*** If you’d rather search by seed strain use our
cannabis seed strain finder

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10 thoughts on “Cannabis Seed Bank Reviews

  1. Richard Chavez says:

    Warning; Do not purchase seeds from Midweek Song seed bank. They are a rip off, took my money, confirmed my order, never sent a seed. I get an e-mail from payofix saying my refund is on the way. Now payoff is saying Midweek has my money, I still have a slight chance of getting my money from one of the two money go betweens. Avoid the hassle, just don’t order from this place.

  2. Will says:

    Seedsman review after using this place on the 7 of march two days later had to get a new bank card because someone in spain was trying steal money after being charged for seeds. Paid 58 dollars for seeds it almost cost me 300 dollars. Luckily the bank cought it in time. Seedsman says 100% secure payment witch is 100% a lie. Couldn’t tell you how seeds are its only been 2 days. Emailed them nut have heard nothing from them. DONT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!

  3. Dr Payne says:

    Herbies is CRAP. I didn’t get my first set of seeds. The next were sent bogus seeds not one of 7 sprouted. They are not willing to do anything about it. I paid for special shipping with tracking I didn’t get that either. USE HERBIES AND YOUR RISK OF BEING RIPPED OFFJUST DOUBLED. THEIVES!!

  4. zeek says:

    I submitted a review of “Seeds Canada” because that was the title of my bookmark, but the name of the seedbank is actually Cropking.com. I don’t see my comments posted here but avoid this bank. Their varieties are too variable–not stable genetics. Also, poor imitations of some well known varieties

  5. Zeek says:

    I bought seeds from Seeds Canada–Purple Kush, White Widow, and Super Silver Haze. I posted reviews of each after a couple of grows. One was positive (SSH), but two were negative, because of wide variation in phenotypes–size, productivity, and taste. Purple Kush — one plant more or less as expected with hash-like taste; size varied from a dwarf to a very tall for the other two; a sativa looking plant, with no kush-like taste. Not purple either, despite on finishing now with nighttime temperatures in the 30-40°F range. The genetics of it and WW were so varied and none had a White appearance from trichomes — very few. I was disappointed to discover my reviews were not posted on their site for those two, and want to alert others to their less than stable varieties.

  6. Mike Savage says:

    Those companies you listed are not actually seed-banks but rather seed breeders. The majority of breeders do not ship to the public. The best actual seed bank IMO is “The Single Seed Centre” from the UK. Reason is that they are so reliable and guarantee all deliveries to arrive. I have a 10% off discount code for anyone ( DREW )

  7. Chuckles says:

    Good point. I hadn’t tuohght about it quite that way. 🙂

  8. JLT says:

    Through your recomendation, I bought some seeds from Herbie. Delivered in 4 days,in a cd case, amazing service. Tks

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