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Best Stealth Marijuana Seeds

Best Stealth Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana is slowly gaining recognition for both its medical value and its popularity for recreational use. Many state governments are slowly acknowledging the benefits of these amazing plants and legalizing their use to varying degrees. BUT… even in this changing world, there are still many reasons to grow discreetly. Perhaps you are growing for your own use medicinally, perhaps with a prescription, but you don’t want to create problems with your neighbors, roommates or family who may not share your views on marijuana. Or maybe you are starting a guerilla grow out in the woods and need to keep your crop concealed.

Best Stealth Marijuana Seed Strains

Lowryder Seeds – Lowryder 2 Autoflowering Feminized

Northern Lights #5 Feminized Seeds

Lowlife – Automatic Hindu Kush Seeds

Original Sensible – Auto Black JH AutoFlowering Feminized Seeds

Lowlife – Automatic Great White Shark Seeds

Yumboldt (Yumbolt 47) Marijuana Seeds

C99 Bx1 Marijuana Seeds

Bomb – Hash Bomb Seeds

Delicious – Fruity Chronic Juice Seeds

Sensi Seeds- Guerrilla’s Gusto

Going out on a Limb to Conceal a Guerrilla Grow There are many reasons to focus on stealthy cannabis growing. Taking some simple precautions can help your garden stay safe and hidden, as can choosing the proper seed strains. Genetics count when it comes to stealth. Choose strains that are known for the qualities you want - maybe that means low odor, small size or a strain that grows easily with little training or feeding. We have chosen some of our favorite strains for stealth growing to help you get started. Great White Shark Auto in a Grow Tent Before we share our top seeds with you, let’s consider some basics of setting up a stealth grow. Regardless of where you are growing there are a few things you must do if you want to keep your plants a secret.

1) First and foremost, DO NOT TELL ANYONE.

This is the single most important thing you can do to keep your garden hidden. Do not tell anyone what you are doing. Not even your best friend. Really. Even the most well-meaning buddy may let your secret slip one Friday night out on the town. If stealth is important to you, keep your secret to yourself.

If stealth is key to your operation, you should seriously consider keeping your product to yourself as well. Growers who sell weed are much more likely to be caught than those who grow for personal use only. In a similar vein, grow only what you will use. It is much easier to conceal one or two plants than fifty.

2) Eliminate odors

Who doesn’t love the scent of a nice skunky bud? Scent is often a precursor to taste and a promise of a potent smoke, but in a stealth grow it is an advertisement that you do not need. Indoors odors can be controlled using filters and gels, while outdoors carefully choosing your location and growing low odor strains will minimize the likelihood of attracting curious passersby.

It is also important to eliminate the odor of marijuana from yourself. When you are surrounded by a smell you eventually get used to it and do not smell it anymore. Yet when you are done caring for your plants, the scent of your buds may be clinging to your clothing, skin or hair. Be sure to change your clothes and clean up before you head to dinner with your in-laws.

3) Ensure that everything appears normal

Take a walk around your home, indoors and out, or around your grow site at various times of the day and night. Does anything appear odd? Are there bright or strangely colored lights leaking out of a room at ten p.m? Is that your giant Sativa tree proudly sticking its head out between the pines along the hiking trail? From within your own garden, grow room or grow box you may not notice anything out of the ordinary. Put yourself in the shoes of your neighbors, roommates or a passing hiker and be observant. You should be able to catch any mistakes before you are found out.

4) Be smart about waste

Think about the garbage you generate. This includes boxes from grow lights, ventilation fans and fertilizer. Don’t leave them on top of your garbage pile. It is much more sensible to take these wastes to a dumpster or even straight to the dump. How will you dispose of vegetative waste? Do you have a compost pile where you can hide stems? Can you bury plant waste in various places around your property? Even in an apartment you can start a worm bin, a very compact and odorless composting bin where worms will turn your leftover stems and leaves into beautiful black soil to use in your next grow. If you must throw plant waste in the trash be sure to cover it with stinky, rotten food waste to discourage anyone from going through it.

A Homemade Worm Bin can be a Simple, Clean, Indoor Composting Solution

5) Be a good neighbor and do not advertise

Keeping on good terms with your neighbors, roommates and family will go a long way to dispelling any suspicions they may have. Be the friendly, kind and upstanding citizen you are and they will never know you have marijuana in the garage. Additionally, if you are growing at home and trying to keep it a secret, don’t walk around wearing pro marijuana ballcaps and full-on Rasta gear. While it may not be right, both police and your average neighbor profile. Yes, you should exercise your right to free speech and help educate others about the benefits of marijuana. It just might be a good idea to wait until you don’t have half a dozen illegal plants stashed under your nightstand.

6) Be safe

If you are growing indoors you will be using electricity and water in close proximity. Lighting your house on fire or electrocuting yourself are great ways to expose your grow operation, as well as to cause harm to yourself and others. Be careful. Do not overload your circuits, use surge protectors and keep water and electricity well separated.

Outdoor growers are often in remote locations. Be prepared for changes in weather and pay attention to what you are doing. You do not want to be calling for help when you twist your ankle in a field full of illicit cannabis plants.

7) Know the law

Laws regarding cannabis growing and use differ vastly from place to place and are changing quickly. Make sure you understand what is and is not legal in your country, state and town. Worldwide Cannabis Laws

These guidelines can help any stealth grower, in any environment. However there are further steps you can take to conceal your crop depending on your specific situation.

Indoor Grows - Where are you growing?

Simple Marijuana Grow Box The first consideration an indoor grower must face is LIGHT. Surprised? Surely smell or finding a suitable box, cabinet or room for the plants is most important? The truth is that your choice of lighting can make or break your stealth set-up and choosing appropriate grow lights should be your first priority.

Lights for Stealth Grows

Most stealthy indoor grows are done in a small space, such as a grow box or tent or even a closet or drawer. In these tight spaces, your grow lights will be very close to your marijuana. It is critical to choose lights that are efficient. Inefficient lights produce a lot of heat, both wasting your money and potentially burning your plants. HID >> This is not to say that you cannot use hot lights, such as HIDs, in a stealth grow. However, if you choose to use these lights you must give yourself enough space to keep them far from your plants. Depending on the size of the light this could be anywhere from 6-26 inches up. Even with the appropriate spacing, HIDs will require ample ventilation to prevent heat damage to the plants. This means fans. Choose the highest quality fan you can afford to avoid unnecessary noise that could give you away. Also think about the discharge of hot air- where will it go? A final consideration for hot lights is safety. If you have a high Wattage HID in a small space and your ventilation is poor or fails for some reason, there is a risk of fire. LEDs and CFLs >> are significantly cooler than HID lights, but also less effective for optimal growth and yield. The ideal choice for small space stealth growing is a full spectrum LED. The queen bee of low temperature lights, a LED not only reduces your need for ventilation but saves on space as well. These lights can be right above your plants without doing them any damage. And you will save money, as the high efficiency of LEDs allows you to grow the same amount of beautiful bud for half the cost of operating a comparable HID. For full spectrum lighting in a small growing space, check out the range at . Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Ok, so you have chosen to go with a full spectrum LED or use CFLs, or take the appropriate precautions to stick with your HIDs.

Next you need to think about your growing medium. Some indoor growers choose to grow in soil. Learn more about soil growing considerations at our soil mediums page. While soil is often convenient and can produce good results, most stealth growers will opt for a hydroponic system to maximize nutrient uptake and thus growth in their plants. Our favorite hydro options for stealth grows are Deep Water Culture (DWC) and Bubbleponics.

DWC Hydroponic Systems

These are basic systems that the ambitious do-it-yourselfer can build at home. Marijuana roots love oxygen. The more oxygen around the root system of your plants the more nutrients they can absorb, and the faster and healthier they will grow. The basic DWC set-up: each plant is suspended in a net pot in the lid of a bucket. An aquarium stone is placed at the bottom of the bucket, which is then filled with a nutrient solution and fitted with an air pump. A Common DWC System For stealth growers the biggest concern with a DWC system is the noise of the air pump. You do not want to skimp on power with the pump, as you will greatly decrease oxygenation if you do. You will need at least 1 Watt of pump power per gallon of nutrient solution. Manage the noise of your pump by purchasing one that is high quality. Cheaper air pumps are much louder and will break down much more quickly than one that is a little pricier. You can also use an insulated grow box to muffle the sounds of the pump. Check out our DWC Hydroponic Systems page for detailed DIY building instructions.


Bubbleponics is essentially a DWC system which pumps the nutrient solution to the top of the plant’s root network instead of just feeding through the bottom. Plants are suspended in net pots above the nutrient solution reservoir. As with regular DWC, an air stone and air pump oxygenate the water in the reservoir. However, in bubbleponics, an additional pump brings water from the reservoir to the plants, providing a constant flow of solution over the roots. Bubbleponics Diagram Bubbleponics systems are a great choice for stealth growers because they produce fast growth and high yields. They take up very little space, fitting in most closet-style grow boxes with ease. You can speed up your growing cycle with bubbleponics, allowing you to minimize the amount of time spent growing, and thus the risk of discovery. Or you could harvest more crops each year. While initial set-up can be complicated, once it is running your bubbleponics system will need little maintenance.

Once you have chosen your lights and hydroponic system, you have to decide where to hide your green girls.

It would be great to have several large rooms dedicated to growing marijuana. But chances are, if you are growing indoors and need to be sneaky, you do not have that kind of space to dedicate to your plants. Indoor stealth growers may consider using a grow box or grow tent. These are essentially small, somewhat mobile, self-contained grow rooms, many of which look as inconspicuous as a file cabinet.

Where to Hide your Plants

There are a lot of ways that indoor growers conceal their gardens. Grow boxes, grow tents and homemade containers ranging from cabinets to elaborate do-it-yourself grow boxes are all options.

Check out our Full Grow Box Reviews

The Deluxe 3.0 Hydroponic Grow Box There are a lot of different stealth grow boxes on the market. We have reviewed our favorites, check them out here. When choosing a stealth grow box, there is more to it than picking the appropriate size for your space and growing aspirations.


Is the grow box 100% light tight? Explaining the glow coming from your storage cabinet may be difficult. In addition, you need to consider the height and ventilation of the grow box to make sure they are adequate for the lights. There are premade boxes out there using LEDs, CFLs and HIDs. Consider which is best suited for your needs.


Most grow boxes are advertised as “whisper quiet”. This sounds great, and the noise from these units may be unnoticeable most of the time. However at night, when the tiniest noise is quickly amplified, your roommates may start wondering where your mini fridge is hidden. Choose a 100% silent box if you need the highest degree of discretion.


During the vegetating stage marijuana has very little odor. At this time you probably won’t need to take any measures to conceal the smell of your plants. Once they start flowering that changes fast. Throughout the flowering period and budding, most strains give off a powerful skunk scent that will be recognized as marijuana by all but the most naïve of neighbors.

You can use odor absorbing gels, or a carbon filtration system. These use activated carbon, a very absorptive modified carbon molecule, to soak up unwanted smells. Many grow boxes, such as Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box, have built in carbon filtration systems. Both gels and activated carbon need to be replaced periodically. Keep a sharp nose out for any leaking odor from your buds and change your absorptive medium as soon as you detect any skunk outside the box.

Growing medium

You can purchase a grow box that is already set up with a hydroponic system. You can also grow your plants in soil or even in your own containers in other boxes. Some, like the Stealth Box Supreme, offer a choice of using soil or hydro when you order them. We list the popular grow mediums here.

Stealth Box Supreme- 32 Plant Hydroponic Grow Box


How many plants are you intending to grow? There are grow boxes of all shapes and sizes. If you have your heart set on growing a leggy haze or Sativa, you will need a very tall grow box. To make the most of any grow box, consider using a Sea of Green set-up. You can also use Low Stress Training or other training techniques to and grow happy plants in a small space.

Grow Tents – BIG review

Large Marijuana Grow Tent Grow tents are similar to grow boxes in that they provide a contained space for growing. However they are collapsible and more easily moved than grow boxes, making them suitable for growers who are not growing continuously, or who may be making frequent changes of locale. Choosing the right grow tent is much like picking a good grow box. You want to pick a tent that is light tight, offers good ventilation with low noise, conceals odors and is of the appropriate size for your needs. In addition, when choosing a grow tent look for these features:
  • Fire resistant –A tent that is not flammable is important in case a light falls or you have electric problems, especially when you are not at home;
  • Quality zippers- Just like a camping tent, zippers take most of the wear and tear. A broken zipper means you lose the containment that is so crucial to a good stealth grow:
  • Robust corners – Strong corners will hold your tent together despite heavy lights and other equipment you may use;
  • Strong poles - The poles of your grow tent need to be able to take the weight of lights and fans without buckling. Metal poles are best, especially steel. Some models are adjustable, allowing you to change the height of your tent;
  • Ventilation – Good ventilation is essential for a successful grow. Look for a tent with multiple exhaust ports;
  • Cord ports – A place to run electrical and other cords through is also very important, and often overlooked;
  • Strong fabric – The stronger the fabric the longer your tent will last, and the better job it will do.
As a general rule: when shopping for grow tents you get what you pay for. Do not buy the cheapest tent you can find on eBay, or you may find yourself frantically trying to conceal your stinky girls when your zippers give and the corners tear in the second week of flowering.


Homemade Stealth Grow Cabinet There are, of course, many alternatives to using premade grow boxes or tents. You can construct either one yourself with a little creativity and a few tools. Indoor growers convert everything from old refrigerators to closest to PC boxes into grow containers. When using such spaces take extra care to choose low odor strains, as smells may be harder to contain. Also be sure to locate your homemade grow box in a logical place. Don’t put a fridge in your bedroom. It makes a lot more sense to store it in your garage or basement. Commercially Produced PC Grow Box

Best Stealth Grows

Here are five examples of great stealth grow set-ups to help get your creative juices flowing.

1) Garage Tool Box

Tool Cabinet Stealth Grow Box

A tool cabinet turned grow box, this set-up blends perfectly with the surrounding actual tool boxes and general work-shop configuration of the garage. Made of heavy steel and insulated with reflective material to enhance lighting while muffling noise, this incognito grow box has it all:

2) Camowrapped Grow Box

Camouflage Wrap for Grow Boxes

An ingenious strategy for masking your grow box, camouflage wrapping allows you to turn your hidden garden into anything from a stack of boxes to a washer/dryer unit to a refrigerator. Camowrapping offers:

  • Customizable patterns
  • Hide a grow box anywhere- it doesn’t have to look like a filing cabinet
  • Heavy duty auto quality wraps
  • Cover any size box, commercial or homemade

3) Underground Cannabis Garden

Entrance to Secret Underground Cannabis Garden

A truly dedicated grower dug out this grow room underneath his patio. Not only did he create an entire room dedicated to his plants, he did in such a way that no one should have ever found him out. And they probably wouldn’t have, if he hadn’t gone bragging to his neighbors about his secret garden. Stealth Grow Lesson One: Tell NO ONE!

Inside Secret Underground Garden

While his big mouth got him busted, this guy did a lot of things we like and which you can learn from when designing your stealth grow set-up:

  • Completely concealed grow room
  • Entrance by secret ladders only, hidden by flagstones
  • Ventilation and filtration system with extraction ducts
  • Noise proof
  • Hydroponic set-up
  • Cables and electronics suspended high above water
  • 12 square feet of growing space, 17 mature plants

4) Self-Contained Outdoor Grow Room

Eden’s Grow Room

This commercially available, insulated shed is essentially a self-contained grow room. It is designed for winter gardening in harsh climates, and can live in your backyard like any tool shed. Features we love include:

5) Veggie Grow Cabinet

Vegetable Grow Cabinet

This simple yet classy grow box doubles as a kitchen work surface. It is designed to grow lettuce and herbs, but can easily be converted to grow cannabis. While you may choose to leave out the glass doors when mimicking this box, the features we like include:

Outdoor Grows

Alternately, you may be growing your secret crop outdoors. The single most important consideration for outdoor stealth growing is location. Your plants must not be seen or smelled, and your visits to care for them must not seem suspicious in any way.

Where to plant ?

As far as stealth is concerned, this needs to be a place that no one goes. There are a lot of people who spend time outdoors, even in the wilderness. Recreational rock climbers will trek for miles through horrible terrain to reach a special boulder or peak. Hunters rarely stay on a well-worn trail when in pursuit of a big buck. Even the casual bird watcher may wander off-trail tracking a particularly rare specimen. Get to know your area. Who frequents your particular branch of wilderness? Spend some time before you plant exploring the region, at different times of day. You may be surprised who you run into. You may also choose to hide your plants within another crop- say in a cornfield (this is much safer if it is your own cornfield! Beware of farmers and of pesticides) or even in a backyard garden amongst other plants. If you choose to do this sort of “hide in plain sight” growing, choose your strain carefully. If you are a backyard gardener with a 12x12 block of sweet corn, you might be unpleasantly surprised when Guerrilla’s Gusto shoots up to 10 feet tall and towers over your stalks. Outdoor Guerrilla Grow

Staying Undercover

Once you have chosen your site, be sure not arouse suspicion when you visit. Park in a public area with other vehicles, or drive a different vehicle each visit. It may even be worthwhile to rent a car for the day occasionally. The same car parked regularly in a strange place will arouse suspicion. Act like you belong. Who’s to say you aren’t another hiker, climber, hunter or birdwatcher? You have every right to be out enjoying the woods. Taking on a “cover” persona can also help you conceal supplies. After all, climbers and multi-day hikers carry big backpacks. Even artists may bring a heavy bag to a remote place to catch the perfect sunset. Check out our Guerrilla Grow Guide for my information on caring for your hidden garden. Choose a strain that doesn’t need a lot of care. The fewer visits to your grow site, the lower your risk of being caught. Check out our favorite outdoor strains to find mold and pest resistant seeds. Choosing feminized seeds can save you the trouble of sexing visits. You may even consider an auto-flowering variety, as they often produce much more quickly than their light dependent counterparts. Finally, when visiting your outdoor site, be careful. The last thing you need is to be stuck with an injury far from civilization.

Stealth Grow Gadgets

There seems to be a constant flow of new and fancy gadgets to make growing, and smoking, marijuana easier. Here are a few of our favorites that can benefit the stealth grower:
  • Supercloner 50 Plant Hydroponic System
  • The Supercloner encourages rapid rooting and subsequently strong and healthy plants. Start 50 clones in only 28”x6” of space. A perfect choice for the closet-grower.
  • Supercloner 50 Plants
  • White 55 gallon drums
  • Really. Take two plain, white 55 gallon drums, cut the top out of one and the bottom out of the other, and stack them. Keep them elevated on cement blocks a few inches off the ground. These are your outdoor “grow boxes” which utilize natural light and look like a stack of stored drums.
  • Rotogrow 312 System
  • A self-contained hydro system that rotates, giving all plants equal access to light. High yields, easy set-up, and low space requirements make this an easy and fun grow option. Grow 312 plants in 48”x72”x64”. This is an exposed system so you will need a safe room or space to conceal her.
  • Worm Composting Bin
  • A worm bin can be both dispose of your plant waste discreetly and create nutrient rich compost for your next round of growing. Starting one is easy- take a plastic tub, fill it with wet newspaper strips, and add some red worms or red wrigglers. Add plant scraps, and watch the worms turn them into luscious black earth. Your worms can live discreetly under your sink. Another bonus- a well-cared for worm bin has no odor. Use it for your regular food waste as well.

Technology for Stealth

Internet Privacy You have considered lighting, grow mediums and hydroponic systems, grow box or tents and ways to hide an outdoor grow. There is one last department where you can take care to help keep your grow incognito: online. Here are a couple suggestions to help you maintain your privacy:
  • Anonymous Search: While google is the best known and used search engine around, it tracks information about your searches. For cannabis related research, try using a search engine that doesn’t track your info. https://duckduckgo.com is one example
  • Manage “cookies”: “cookies” are little bits of information pertaining to your online life that are stored on your computer. They include useful things like remembered user names and passwords, but can also be used by data mining websites to learn about your internet activity. Many browsers allow you to disable cookies entirely, or to manage them by receiving notices every time data is stored.
  • Exif: Exif data is a packet of digital information that is attached to nearly any photo you take. If you use your smartphone or another GPS enabled device to take your photo the Exif data will also include the location where the photo was taken. To learn how to delete Exif data from your pictures take a look at this link: Delete Exif Data
  • Proxy: A lot of websites and search engines track your location and your computer information. This can give you away if you spend a lot of time surfing marijuana related sites. A proxy cons those websites into thinking you are in a different location. For a free proxy site try: daveproxy.co.uk, dumbdream.com, kproxy.com, vtunnel.com or vpnbook.com/webproxy
  • Consider using Encryption: there are several easy to use and even free encryption softwares, such as Pretty Good Privacy which uses complex codes to encrypt your email, files and other online data, effectively hiding you from any prying eyes.

Growing Stealth Marijuana Seeds - Conclusion

There are many ways to go about setting up a discreet stealth grow. You can grow indoors in a contained space or outdoors in a remote area, or even in your backyard. No matter where you grow, if discretion is the goal be sure to control odor, noise and any arrangement that calls abnormal attention to itself. Most importantly, keep your grow to yourself. Take basic safety precautions to avoid unnecessary nosiness from neighbors, family and law enforcement. And finally, choose a strain with the right genes for your goals. To help you decide, we have picked out our top 10 seed strains for stealthy growing.

2018 Top 10 Stealth Seeds

#1 Lowryder Seeds – Lowryder 2 Autoflowering Feminized

Best For: Small and Stealthy Auto, It will fit ANYWHERE!

Lowryder 2 Seeds Lowryder 2 seems to have been designed specifically for stealth growing. It is a tiny plant, not topping 30 inches in height. It has an incredibly mild odor, making it possible to hide amongst your flowers outdoors, grow in a container on your windowsill, or conceal in a small grow box in your office. If the size and lack of smell are not enough to sell you on Lowryder 2, consider the benefits of its auto-flowering nature. Bred from one of the first ever auto-strains, Easy Ryder, Lowryder 2 is a dependable auto-flowering strain with a very high germination rate. This means no wasted seeds, and no adjusting your lights. These little plants will flower on schedule, regardless of the day length. While it may be lacking in yield, Lowryder 2 is the one cannabis plant that everyone can find a place to grow.
  • Type Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
  • Height Very Low (around 30 inches)
  • Flowering time 6-7 weeks
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 45-60 g/plant
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering Yes
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level Low-Medium

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Best For: No Odor, Small and Sturdy Indica

Northern Lights #5 Feminized Seeds A squat, bushy Indica with a high flower to leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and delightfully sticky, resinous buds, Northern Lights #5 is an easy choice for the indoor stealth grower. In addition to her perfect size and shape, #5 has nearly no odor, a further boon to the grower with suspicious neighbors. The smoke is similarly mild in flavor, but the high is powerful: a deep, full-body Indica stone that still has a little cerebral activity. Expect to be introspective and calm, and unwilling to move from the couch. Northern Lights genetics are one of the most pervasive throughout marijuana strains on the market. #5 is another great product of Northern Lights breeding. She is easy to grow, thrives in SOG set-ups, is discreet in scent and size and yields a consistent 400-500g/m2 when grown hydroponically. It seems like she was just made for your closet or PC grow box!
  • Type Indica
  • Height Short
  • Flowering time 7-8 weeks
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 400- 500 g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level 15-20%

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Best For: Fits in Tiny Spaces, Narcotic, Potent High

Lowlife Auto Hindu Kush Seeds Auto Hindu Kush is the perfect plant for growing in tight quarters. She will not reach more than 12-14 inches in height, barely branches out and requires very little root space, allowing you to squeeze twice as many plants into your grow box as normal. She thrives in SOG set-ups and will fit in the tiniest grow box. This auto variety is happy with 18-20 hours of light her whole season. Don’t let her diminutive size fool you. With yields of 3 ounces per plant Auto Hindu Kush is competitive for an auto-flowering strain. And remember, you can typically fit double the number of plants into each square meter compared to growing normal sized autos. And there is nothing diminutive about the high. Expect a narcotic, leg weakening high that will put you on the couch and keep you there. A great smoke for pain relief, relaxation and just plain chilling out.
  • Type Indica
  • Height 12-14 Inches
  • Flowering time 56 Days
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 3 oz/plant
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering Yes
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level High

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#4 Original Sensible – Auto Black JH Feminized Seeds

Best For: Hybrid High, Small, Speedy Auto

Sensible Auto Black JH Feminized Seeds This auto-flowering variety of the famous Jack Herer will start flowering within 2 weeks of germination, regardless of lighting. The resin production of Auto Black JH is truly remarkable. From the first day of flowering the plant will be covered in glittering white trichomes. Auto Black JH is small and fast, ideal for the stealth grower with limited space who needs results quickly. The already respectable yield can be further improved upon by using a SOG set-up. It is also suitable for an outdoor grow. Its auto nature ensures it will produce quickly, reducing your number of visits and the length of time your crop is in the woods. Keep in mind that you need a warm and fairly dry climate for a successful outdoor grow. The high is a perfect Sativa/Indica hybrid. There is a bright, happy mental rush coupled with a deep body stone that is perfect for relaxing with friends, and for brightening your mood any day of the week.
  • Type Indica, Sativa
  • Height 75-100 cm
  • Flowering time 8-9 weeks
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 350g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering Yes
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level 15-18%

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#5 Lowlife – Automatic Great White Shark Seeds

Best For: Small, Fast, Classic Body Stone

Great White Shark Auto in Grow Tent Who would have thought that you could enjoy the fat, white crystallized buds and famous narcotic body stone of Great White Shark from a stealth grow set-up? Thanks to some ingenious breeding on the part of Lowlife Seeds, you can now enjoy the taste and high this classic favorite from a small, fast-growing plant. This is an auto-flowering strain that loves light. Expect her to thrive on 20-24 hours of light from germination to harvest. Flowering will start as soon as 2 weeks after germination, and you can be harvesting by 70 days. With good management you can see 5 crops a year from these seeds. The stone is pure Great White Shark. It is a heavy, deep body stone that hits hard and lasts. The medical community loves it for pain relief and sedative effects. The sharp, sweet taste of the original is there as well, making Great White Auto buds a pleasure to smoke.
  • Type Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
  • Height Small to Medium
  • Flowering time 10 Weeks from Seed
  • Awards won None
  • Yield 1 oz per plant
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering Yes
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level 14%

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#6 Yumboldt (Yumbolt 47) Marijuana Seeds

Best For: Indoor or Outdoor Stealth, Medicinal Smoke

Yumboldt 47 Marijuana Seeds Producing a truly top class bud, this cross of Yumboldt and AK 47 is a must-try for every Indica lover. The plants are incredibly hardy, fighting mold and pests in even the worst conditions. Clones are slow to root, but once they do they are tough and strong. Indoors use SOG and training techniques such as LST to keep the size down. Limit the vegging cycle to reduce size as well. Decreasing the veg time will lower yields, but you can still expect lots of large, dense, resinous buds from inside your grow tent or box. The high is relaxing, peaceful and highly medicinal. It is popular for treating insomnia due to its sedative effects. Yumbolt 47 is an easy to grow, highly trainable plant that will serve any stealth grower well, indoors or out. Indoors you will need a way to control odor, as Yumbolt can have a strong hash scent.
  • Type Indica 90% Sativa 10%
  • Height Short to Medium
  • Flowering time 9 Weeks
  • Awards won none
  • Yield 350-450 g/m2 Indoors 450-600 g/plant Outdoors
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering Yes
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level 18-20%

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#7 Mosca - Cinderella 99 BX-1 Marijuana Seeds

Best For: Short, Fast, Clean, Psychoactive High

C99 Bx1 Marijuana Seeds This is a backcross of Cinderella 99 that is slowly but surely showing itself to be the next great accomplishment in cannabis breeding. C99 Bx1 has produced a more consistent showing of the squat, Indica phenotype that gives big yields of potent buds in a short growing period. The short, bushy shape of these plants, along with a very high flower to leaf ratio, make them ideal for the stealth grower. You could easily fill a PC Grow Box with a single plant, and expect to harvest as much as 5 ounces after 7 weeks of flowering. Additionally, she has pineapple odor that is remarkably un-weed smelling. While you may think you have an Indica on your hands in the grow room, when you smoke her she is pure Sativa. The taste and smell are fruity, like a pineapple. The high is clear, energetic and powerfully psychoactive. If you are a stealth grower with room for a single plant, grow C99 Bx1. You will not be disappointed.
  • Type Hybrid, Indica Dominant
  • Height Short
  • Flowering time 7-8 Weeks
  • Awards won IC420 Growers Cup 2010 (2nd)
  • Yield 5 oz/plant
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level High

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#8 Bomb – Hash Bomb Seeds

Best For: Pain Relief, High CBD, Hash, Low Odor

Bomb Hash Bomb Seeds Let’s start out by saying that the Hash Bomb is not for every stealth set-up. If you have limited space, this plant is not for you. She needs a little room to grow. For instance, you could get great results in a closet size grow box, but she is not suitable for the PC case. If you have the room inside, or are doing an outdoor grow, Hash Bomb could be for you. She produces high levels of CBD which, coupled with her sedative, narcotic stone, make her a prime choice for medical users seeking pain relief. She has a very low odor, which is surprising considering her Skunk heritage. And she is mold and pest resistant, making her suitable for a wide range of outdoor climates. For medical use, hash production or just a good, old-fashioned couch-lock stone, Hash Bomb is ideal. If you an outdoor grow site or space to hide her inside, give this easy growing, solid yielding hash queen a try.
  • Type Hybrid, Indica Dominant
  • Height 90-140 cm
  • Flowering time 6-8 Weeks
  • Awards won none
  • Yield 500-600 g/m2
  • Feminized Yes
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level 15-20%

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#9 Delicious – Fruity Chronic Juice Seeds

Best For: Fruity Flavor, Adaptable, High THC and CBD

Delicious Fruity Chronic Juice Seeds Fruity Chronic Juice is a fast finishing, high yielding and delicious strain, that also happens to be very adaptable. An indoor grower can use simple training techniques like LST to keep her to a very manageable size, suitable for any medium sized grow tent or box. If her roots are allowed ample space to spread, for instance when she is grown outdoors, she can reach startling heights and large yields. The taste of this hardy plant is fruity, with a nice pine scent. Despite the Indica dominance of her genetics, the high offered by Fruity Chronic Juice is nicely balanced. There are pleasant and bright cerebral effects coupled with a cozy physical stone. High in both THC and CBD, this is strain that is much loved by both medical and recreational users. Her fruity scent, small size, speedy finish and solid yields make her a desirable choice for any stealth grower, indoor or out.
  • Type Indica 90% Sativa 10%
  • Height Medium
  • Flowering time 7-8 Weeks
  • Awards won Copa Cannabis Cannarias Winter Cup 2012 2nd Place
  • Yield 450 g/m2
  • Feminized Feminized
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level 17%
  • CBD level High

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#10 Sensi Seeds- Guerrilla’s Gusto

Best For: Grows like a Weed, Outdoor Grows

Sensi Guerrilla’s Gusto Seeds While there is no such thing as a true “throw and grow” seed, Guerrilla’s Gusto is as close as you can get. Sensi Seeds claims that you can just chuck some seeds over your shoulder in the woods and not come back till fall, and still get a whopping harvest. We recommend a little more care. Most importantly, choose a fertile site near plenty of water with lots of light. Get the soil tested for pH and make amendments if necessary. Then carefully plant your seeds and walk away! This is an easy to grow, self-reliant strain designed for the guerrilla grower. You will have to come back for a sexing site visit if you want to avoid seeds in your bud, as this is not a feminized strain. Guerrilla’s Gusto is pest and mold resistant, and handles nearly any weather conditions gracefully. She grows quite tall when left on her own. The high is a nice mix of head buzz and lazy body stone, and the yields are high. If you want low maintenance plants to produce great weed out in the back forty with minimal site visits, Guerrilla’s Gusto is the choice for you.
  • Type Indica Dominant
  • Height Tall
  • Flowering time 7-9 weeks
  • Awards won None
  • Yield High
  • Feminized No
  • Autoflowering No
  • Growth difficulty Easy
  • THC level Medium

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There are many reasons to seek discretion when you are growing. Whether your stealth grow takes the form of a grow tent, grow box, backyard garden or a guerrilla grow in the woods, choosing the appropriate seed strain can greatly decrease your odds of discovery. Take the time to consider where and how much space you have to grow, what kind of effects you want from the final product, and which qualities are most important to you. Is small size essential? Is odor a big risk? Do you have a lot of space outdoors but can’t afford to make too many site visits? Choose a strain that can meet your needs. And once you get started, whatever else you do, be cautious. Don’t tell anyone about your grow. Do not advertise yourself in anyway. Be observant of your grow space and catch any glitches that may give you away early. With a little forethought and a healthy dose of caution your stealth grow can be rewarding, productive and safe.

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