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Super Grow LED Diary – Strain Hunters Caboose Feminized Seeds

Strain Hunters ‘Caboose Feminized’ under Super Grow LED Lights (SK450)

Caboose Super Grow LightsCheck out the stellar results of this recent test grow of Caboose feminized seeds from Strain Hunters under the LED lights from . The results far exceeded expectations, delivering a yield of flavorful, sticky buds at over 900 g/m2.

Strain Hunters was awarded 3rd in the 2015 Spannabis Cup for the aromatic Caboose buds produced from this test grow.

Strain Hunters Seed bank loves the Super Grow LED Lights.

The Major Grow Players:

1. from

The is a 250 Watt, full spectrum LED light which will replace a 500 Watt HID unit, increase yield by 25%, save 50% on electricity, take up less space and save on cooling and ventilation costs.
  • True Full Spectrum Grow Light: 420-750 nanometres (nm) with supplemental chlorophyll (A and B) absorption peaks.

Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PAR) refers to the wavelengths of light which plants use to grow and flower. While cannabis uses light of various wavelengths ranging from 400-750 nm, there are some wavelengths which are more important than others.

Vegetating: During this stage your plants need blue light, from 450-495 nm to photosynthesize correctly and develop strong roots and foliage.

Flowering: Now the plants want the red light of fall, 680-750 nm, which stimulates flowering and bud production.

Chlorophyll Peaks: Chlorophyll A and B are the two main photosynthetic pigments which are vital for plant growth. They absorb light at 660 nm, 450 nm and 640 nm and 475 nm respectively. The Spectrum Kingoffers plants extra light at these wavelengths to maximize growth and yield.

  • No Fans – Less heat

The Spectrum Kinguses high quality heat sinks, thermal bond and high quality metal clad printed circuit boards for fan-less thermal management.

There is no heat increase 12 inches from the source, so your HVAC needs are minimal.

  • 5 Year Warranty

With no bulbs or ballasts to replace and a predicted lifespan of 12 years or 60,000 hours.

  • 25% Higher Yield than equivalent HID Unit
# of Spectrum King LED LightsLEDHID EquivalentSq. Foot Coverage FloweringProfessional Yield
1250 W500 W16 sq. ft.300 g
2500 W1,000 W16 sq. ft.600 g
3750 W1,500 W24 sq. ft.900 g
41,000 W2,000 W32 sq. ft.1,200 g

By halving the Wattage necessary to cover the same space, using Spectrum Kinggrow lights will cut your electric bill by approximately 50%.

2. Green House Seeds

Green House Seed Co.The Green House Seed Company is a seedbank established in Amsterdam in 1985, which has grown into the most successful cannabis business in the world. With 35 High Times Cannabis Cups to its name, Green House has consistently produced strains with the highest quality genetics year after year. Thanks to their intensive breeding program, all of their strains have extraordinary medicinal and recreational effects with uniquely enticing aromas and flavors.

Strain Hunters was awarded 3rd in the 2015 Spannabis Cup for the aromatic Caboose buds produced from this test grow.


3. Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters Seedbank is the vision of Green House founder and owner Arjan. Along with companions Franco and Simon, Arjan created the Strain Hunters to search for vulnerable landrace cannabis strains, in an effort to locate and preserve as yet unknown strains. They create documentaries along the way to show the economic, political and historical impacts of cannabis around the world.The goal of Strain Hunters is to find and preserve, through careful breeding, ancient strains of marijuana in the hopes that someday these plants will offer new possibilities in the medical field. Strain Hunters are responsible for finding the original source seeds for the Green House breeding program. It is thanks to their hard work and dedication that Caboose Feminized Seeds are now available to all of us.

4. Caboose Cannabis Seeds

Caboose Feminized SeedsThe Caboose is a famous Indica dominant cross of Trainwreck and Salmon Creek Big Bud. Originally a clone only strain, the magicians at Green House have reversed and back-crossed it successfully to produce feminized Caboose seeds, which offer:
  • Short and Compact Structure
  • Short Internodes with Wide Branching
  • Large, Dense Buds
  • Rare Large Calix + Large Bud Combination
  • Flowery, Metallic Aroma
  • High Yielding Indoors and Outdoors
  • Fast, Intense Hit
    • Starts out trippy, soon becoming narcotic and sedative.
    • Relaxing, Sleep Aid, Lazy

The Grow

The guys at Strain Hunters and Green House started some of their famous Caboose Feminized Seeds under and were extremely happy with the results.

Here’s what happened:

Strain Hunters Caboose Spectrum King Lights 1Strain Hunters Caboose Spectrum King Lights 2Strain Hunters Caboose Spectrum King Lights 3Green House Caboose Spectrum King 1Green House Caboose Spectrum King 2Using the Spectrum KingLED lights upped yields for the Caboose to well over 900 g/m2, and really brought out the colors, aromas and flavors of these exceptional buds.The combination of superior genetics and the highest quality full spectrum lighting made this grow a great success.