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Visiting your Outdoor Marijuana – Essential visits

About 3 weeks after planting you should go and weed around your plants. If your garden is out in the wilds pernicious weeds will soon overpower and overcrowd your tender seedlings. There’s no need to be overzealous, just clear an area about a metre (3ft) around each plant. Repeat this process again around 3 weeks later. It may be necessary to repeat it again after a further 3 weeks, depending on your site. Most plants, by this time, should be strong enough to make their own space and crowd out weed growth.
Outdoor Marijuana Visits
If you want to remove male plants to produce sensimilla you will also need to visit when the days begin to shorten to ascertain the sex of your plants. The right time to do this will vary from area to area and depending on the weather and strain of plants grown. Strains that are acclimatised to temperate climates may start to flower as early as the end of July, other strains may not start until mid September, so if you are unsure it may be a good idea to visit the site and check once a week between these dates. You will also want to visit your plants after any adverse weather conditions (heavy wind, heavy rain or drought) to check for damage. What you are able to do about any damage depends on its extent. They may require extra water or shoring up. But remember, these are robust plants that once established can take some rough treatment, so don’t panic every time it rains or is windy.