CBD Crew – Critical Mass Feminized Seeds

CBD Crew – Critical Mass Feminized Seeds

CBD Critical Mass cannabis is another offering from the CBD Crew, an organisation set up by Mr Nice Seeds and Resin Seeds to develop high CBD strains for use by the medical marijuana community. With this strain they have used their favourite, hard hitting Cannatonic and crossed it with a high yielding Critical Mass to bring us CBD Critical Mass.

CBD Critical Mass has an average THC/CBD ratio of 1:1, although test results show that this strain is often actually higher in CBD than THC. This plant grows rangy like a sativa but the flowers are hard packed, dark green treasures that are all about the indica. With the big yields associated with her Critical Mass parentage it is sometimes necessary to support the branches of CBD Critical Mass to prevent them breaking under the weight of buds.

The search for potency has not compromised the taste in any way and CBD Critical Mass has a deep and complex bouquet that is marked by a rich honey sweetness. The hit is exactly what you might expect here, high CBD cannabis has been bred to minimize psychoactive effects, expect a subtle, mellow and relaxing stone.

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CBD Crew - Critical Mass Feminized Seeds, 7.1 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
Indica/Sativa/ 80/20
Seed Origin
Cannatonic X Critical Mass
Seed Breeder
CBD Crew
Auto Flower Seeds Available
Feminized Seeds Available
Grow Indoors
Grow Outdoor
500gm per M2
Height Indoors
Height Outdoors
Flowering Period
8 weeks
Harvest Outdoor
THC Level
5% (CBD 5%)
Stoned or High
Grow Difficulty

Why buy CBD Crew – Critical Mass Feminized Seeds here?

Since 1999 we have dealt with over 30 international seed banks and we only trust these guys. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices on fresh brand name seeds, great support and will deliver discreetly worldwide. There are a lot of ‘bad seeds’ online so trust in our decade of experience and you will not be disappointed.

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