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Cannabis Indica has long been considered a sub-species of Cannabis Sativa. However this is not 100% certain and there are some schools of thought that would consider the opposite to be true. No one knows for sure which came first and defines the species, and which is the sub-species. By the name we would assume it was Sativa that defined the species, but this may be just because it was Sativas that were first found and classified.

Cannabis Indica originally comes from Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and the Indian sub continent, notably the northern areas of the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush. The characteristics that define Cannabis Indica are natural adaptations to this inhospitable and arid environment. A short bushy stature, dense bud formation and fat, wide fingered leaves are all ways of conserving water; the propensity of Indicas to flower relatively quickly is a natural protection against the sudden onset of harsh winters.

For the grower this means that the natural qualities of a Cannabis Indica strain can be exploited in the grow room.

  • Their sturdy, robust nature makes them quite forgiving to novice growers and environmental fluctuations
  • Their squat shape means that they are ideal when space is limited
  • The relatively quick flowering time of Indicas, normally around 8 weeks, makes them great for growers who are in a hurry to harvest
  • Indicas also have the habit of forming one central kola which, in combination with the above, makes them easy to handle and ideal for Sea of Green set ups

Of course, all Indicas don’t follow the rules and there are variations within the species, as there are within any species, but on the whole true Indicas will conform to type. Perhaps the truest, or at least the most typical Indicas, may be the Kush varieties, having their roots in the Hindu Kush areas of Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan.

The aromas associated with smoking Indica species are usually earthy, musky, spicy, hashy or skunky. The buds from Cannabis Indica have a higher CBD to THC ratio than Cannabis Sativa and this gives the hit from smoking Indica a much drowsier, heavier, more narcotic feel. The old adage is true – Sativa gets you high, Indica gets you stoned.

With modern breeding and hybridization techniques it is easy for breeders to exploit plants for specific desirable qualities. Landrace Indicas and other Indica dominant strains are often used in breeding programmes to create hybrids to which they lend their qualities of faster flowering or short, bushy stature.

Some pure Indica (or heavily Indica dominant) strains available today are Black Domina, Northern Lights #1 and Hindu Kush.

Check out our cannabis strain review guide to find out the origins of your favourite weed.

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