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Location: Netherlands Awards Won: 0
Established: 2009 seeds (1975 shop) Unique Strains: 3
Website: bulldogseeds.nl Rating:

Bulldog seed bank. Although they are relative newcomers to the cannabis seed strains breeding business, The Bulldog is famously Amsterdam’s oldest coffee shop, first set up by Henk de Vries in 1975. From then on The Bulldog has become perhaps the most recognisable face of the Amsterdam weed scene, having expanded into an empire of 5 coffee shops, 2 hotels, cafes & bars and a range of accessories and merchandising.

More recently, The Bulldog have established a marijuana seed company offering a range of high quality seeds as well as dabbling with some breeding themselves.

Oh, and as a matter of interest……. The bulldog in the logo’s name is Joris.

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