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Established: 2004 Unique Strains: 12+
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Mandala seeds

UK based Mandala Seeds bank is run by Mike and Jasmine. As well as Jasmine’s firsthand experience as a horticulturalist, the couple have travelled and lived in over 20 countries from where they have amassed a genetic resource of many landrace and hybrid cannabis strains. This resource is the basis of their current breeding work and they have developed many well respected unique cannabis strains including, Krystalica, 8 Miles High, Hashberry, and of course, Mandala#1.

All of Mandala’s cannabis seed production is 100% organic and the couple strive to operate their marijuana seed business along environmentally friendly lines.

The Mandala Seeds website is very informative and the cannabis strain information available is excellent. The web shop only operates for part of the year, but when it is closed Mandala cannabis seeds are available via a wide range of dealers and distributors.

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