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How to grow marijuana outdoors

We take pride in our outdoor growing section for this site which includes site selection, stealth and guerilla growing with the pick of this years best outdoor seeds. Learn how to keep pests away, germination and harvesting tips then check out the forum for growing weed outdoors.

Grow tent, grow box kits and stealth hydro reviews from the major manufacturers! We also review Sea of Green, SCROG, Ebb and Flow, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Wick, NFT or AeroponicsCheck out our Hydroponic Systems review to choose.

Which lights? We review LED grow lightsHID and CFL and full spectrum LED grow lights. Our master Marijuana Lighting page helps you choose and has the facts on lumens, spectrum, nanometres so you get BIG YIELDS.

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Marijuana Seeds

Our marijuana seeds review database is huge and includes brands such as Green House, Sensi, Barneys, Paradise Seeds, Royal Queen, Positronics, Cali Connection, DNA Genetics and the rest!

Marijuana can be categorized into two main strains; cannabis sativa strains which are taller more ‘leggy plants and generally offer a more uplifting and euphoric high. Or cannabis indica strains which tend to be smaller more compact (good for stealth) and like it’s smell, offers a stronger more heavy stoned feeling. There are 100% pure sativa strains, 100% pure indica strains and an endless variety of hybrid strains, find them all seed strains here. Read more about the difference between Sativa vs. Indica.

These days the big name seed banks make life easy and offer autoflowering marijuana seeds which flower at a certain point in their growth, feminized seeds which are 95% to 99% female and regular seeds. Zamnesia has a huge range of seeds and smoking products.

Of course you can also buy autoflowering feminized seeds to make life super automated. Learn more about genetics and the different seed types such as ‘white’, ‘blue’ and haze.

Quick pro secrets to BIG BOOM YIELDS. 


Compare marijuana seed prices at WeedPrices.com. Check out the MAMMOTH marijuana seeds database with 1000’s of seed strains reviewed since 1996.  1,000’s – Marijuana strain reviews.

Cannabis Cup Winners

Seed StrainVotesRating
White Rhino Seeds554.0
LSD Weeds Seeds643.9
Barneys Pineapple Chunk263.8
Blue Cheese163.1
Vanilla Kush262.9

Highest CBD

Seed StrainVotesRating
White Rhino554.0
Great White Shark83.8
Barneys Tangerine Dream213.3
Blue Cheese163.1

Hybrid Strains

Seed StrainVotesRating
Jack Herer264.4
AK 47 Weed Seeds1044.2
G13 Haze224.0
Purple Power553.9
Durban Poison143.8

Hydroponic Systems

First visit our Hydroponics Systems Master Page to get a run down on all the different hydro systems available to you.

Hydroponics simply means that the plants can grow without soil. They will usually grow in an inert medium and all of their nutrient requirements will come straight from the water they are added to. After choosing your hydro setup you will need to pick what growing medium to grow your marijuana in; some prefer the organic nature of good soil and others like the more synthetic such as rock wool and perlite. Apart from this difference the way you set up your grow room will be the same.

We always suggest buying a Grow Box, Grow Tent or Stealth hydroponic kit from experts.


The advice from companies like Dealzer and SuperCloset are second to none – you can have the kit the next day and get growing by the weekend. We have worked all the major supplies over the years and these are the only two companies we recommend, I can honestly say you need to watch your back when dealing with some of the others.

Or you can save some dollars and piece it together from Amazon or eBay and get a decent system together – it will work and it might be just fine for what you need. Your a word of warning though, we find many of our visitors end up wasting time and money because pieces don’t fit, you buy more than you need, quality is sometimes questionable and advice is zero.

HTML Mapgrow-boxgrow-tent

There’s an amazing variety of hydroponic systems available with pros and cons to each. Here we direct you to the reviews.


The process of growing marijuana in a fine mist rather than an actual nutrient solution. The roots are confined to a dark, moisture proof area to keep humidity high with intermittent spraying using micro mist nozzles.

Continuous flow / Top feed system

Using a 2 to 4 inch PVC tube with holes cut in for plants there is a continuous flow of nutrients pumped over the root system. NFT is considered easier.

Deep Water Culture

(DWC) + Recirculating direct water culture systems (also known as RDWC) + BubblePonics

Drip Irrigation

This is a terrific water/nutrient saving system. Nutrients are dripped right next to the root system which is held in aggregate (medium). There is less evaporation and this system is good for stealth or apartment growing.

Ebb and Flow

With pots situated in a tray above a reservoir, the nutrient solution ‘flows’ into the tray and then is allowed to ‘ebb’ away.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

Similar to the Ebb and Flow, however the tray above the reservoir is tilted so that a thin film of nutrient flows from the top to drain at the bottom. Nutrient solution is either timed or continuously pumped past the root systems.

Wick system

A very basic system, with either plants all sitting in a medium or within pots situated above the main reservoir and wicks of thick cotton connecting the two. The wick uses capillary action to absorb nutrients up into the medium.

Sea of Green (SoG)

A Dutch method to grow marijuana, not so much of a hydroponic system just a method of maximizing crops. The concept is to force the plants to flower when they are very young and small, to push out a sea of green of marijuana plant heads. Got to love the Dutch!

Screen of Green (Screen of Green)

Similar to the Sea of Green system except that a screen of chicken wire is placed over the heads of the marijuana to help control and top them.

Growing Marijuana Indoors

The decision to grow weed indoors instead of outdoors is one that will take you on a journey.

The journey for some is to achieve the biggest yields, others like to grow with organic nutrients, or achieve a perfect Sea of Green or SCROG garden. The key is to get your grow room planning right.

Some of us like a basic hydroponic system with a little tinkering while others want the best, most automated and perfect grow box or grow tent kits and have the time to make that happen. Either-way growing marijuana indoors can be a very rewarding experience, you choose the seed strain, choose from Top 10 THC, Top 10 CBD, Top 10 Feminized or Top 10 Autos you control the environment, the temperature, ventilation and C02, what nutrients you use, the pH, what grow lights to use whether it is HID (HPS and MH), CFL or LED grow lights, what light cycle, when to flower and when to finally harvest your little babies. There are so many differnt

Serious reviews on Grow BoxesGrow TentsStealth Grow Boxes and PC Grow Boxes


Hydroponic growing systems can be simple affairs such as Wick or NFT or more complex indoor growing concepts like Sea of Green or Screen of Green or large grow systems.

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  • The Best Ebook on How to Grow Weed

748 page Step-by-Step Grow Frosty Buds

The How to Marijuana Guide with 100’s of perfect photos.

The infamous big hit of 2015 by Ryan Riley. The World’s Best Marijuana Grow Guide. + Extra guides galore.

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Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Basic requirements – Marijuana plants need water with the right pH levelgrow lightsnutrients and suitable airventilation and temperature. However you choose to grow marijuana outside you should bear these basic requirements in mind and ask yourself at each stage how can I improve what I offer my plants?

Cannabis life cycle outside – Cannabis is an annual plant and if grown outside it germinates in the spring, lays down a lot of vegetative growth throughout the summer, and then flowers in the fall. When growing outside it is best to start germinating seeds inside and then planting the seedling at the start of the season in spring. So germinating your marijuana seeds early!

The season will vary depending on how far you are from the equator and also the elevation of your proposed marijuana garden. Generally you should be able to plant seedlings after the last frost of spring and grow right through to the first hard frost of fall / autumn, specifically the average overnight temperatures should not be below freezing 32° F or 0° C at any point because that kills marijuana plants.

The main issue growing outdoors is site selection, security, access to sun throughout the grow (watch out for late in the season and nearby trees) and access to water. If you are guerilla growing then there will be crucial outdoor visits, sexing marijuana plants and of course the final and delicious harvesting time.


If you have had a successful vegetative phase then flowering will begin automatically as the days get shorter. Approximately 10 – 12 days after the flowering stage begins you will start to notice two small pistils right at the crux of the branch joint, take a note of the sexing marijuana plant pics. To produce the most potent buds it is necessary to remove the male plants as they have very low amounts of THC, CBN and CBD when compared to the females and they will also make the female plants start to seed. Remove the male plants before they pollinate the female plants as once pollinated the females will turn to seed and we don’t want that! The flowers are the bud, the thing we’re looking for and what you will harvest and smoke.

Without males around the female plant will put all of her energy into creating sticky, THC-laden flowers rather than cannabis seeds. The result is essentially a virgin plant, or sensimillia, which comes from the Spanish ‘sin semilla’ or ‘without seeds’.

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

Seed strainVotesRating
Jack Herer264.4
AK 47 Weed Seeds1044.2
G13 Haze224.0
Purple Power553.9
Durban Poison143.8
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  • The Best Ebook on How to Grow Weed

748 page Step-by-Step Grow Frosty Buds

The How to Marijuana Guide with 100’s of perfect photos.

The infamous big hit of 2015 by Ryan Riley. The World’s Best Marijuana Grow Guide. + Extra guides galore.

Save $10 today use code STICKY420


If you don’t know the difference between LED lights, HID lights, HPS lights, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) or full spectrum lighting or how many plants you can grow under a given light. What is the difference between, red and blue spectrum, nanometers, Watts, HID/CFL/HPS/MH/LED, light cycles and timings? This knowledge base will help you get to grips with the ins and outs of each, as well as providing ideal sources to get your equipment. Start here with our Marijuana Lighting Guide.

Whether you need to set up a small and discrete growing environment or a larger grow space like a grow box or huge grow tent, we can recommend the best lighting for your needs and then point you in the right direction where to get them.

LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights have been growing marijuana for over a decade now and even NASA used them in 2012. LEDs have been in production since 1968 and as the decades progressed LEDs got brighter and cheaper to make. You now see super bright LEDs in car headlamps, stadium lighting and of course LED grow lights.

The technology is here in a big way and it works, fantastically. We know one of the best know Dutch seed banks uses them to grow some of their top secret buds, we have seen it with our own eyes and know they work better than HPS. However, not all LEDs are created equal. The cheap ‘purple’ light looking plastic UFO junk are the ones to steer clear of, look for ‘white light’ full spectrum, just like the sun, models with no fans, solid construction, honest specifications and a high end warranty. The full spectrum models in the top end range run nearly cold to touch, save around 50% in electricity and will run for over 12 years growing crops without a single bulb replacement. We take LED grow lights very seriously and review all the best models here every year. 

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow lights

High pressure sodium marijuana grow lights are a good choice for a lot of people, they have been used for growing marijuana indoors for decades. However they are not brilliant at transferring electricity into light and waste a lot of electricity on producing heat instead. LED grow lights are far more efficient at that process. The light HPS emit is also strong in the orange / red spectrum, around 2,200k, due to their inherent sodium content. If a gardener were to start a young plant under a HPS bulb, she/he would see impressive vertical growth so it is why MH lights with their more blue light are often used in the first stages and HPS in the later flowering stages. .

Metal Halide (MH Grow Lights) – A type of HID

MH grow lights – Metal halide marijuana grow lights primarily emit light in the blue spectrum which promotes excellent photosynthesis and therefore green vegetative growth. Blue light also keeps plants more compact, it is the closest thing to real sunlight. If you are going to use just one light this is a good compromise.

LED grow lights vs CFL

The compact fluorescent lights (CFL) are a fantastic way to grow in small stealth locations where heat emissions are very important to control, they are cheap to buy and run but they are generally limited on power and that means a poor yield. If you want some more power but still want to maintain a small heat signature, albeit more than CFL you might want to start looking into LEDs – especially the full spectrum LEDs. We have a good article here that outlines what you might expect from LEDs there days. More on LED grow lights.

Marijuana Grow Lights

In the forum now!

How to Grow Marijuana Forum - Growing Marijuana Indoors & Hydroponics

Our forums are full of knowledgeable and helpful people that can help you get starting growing marijuana or aid you in refining your process. Whether you’re a first-timer or experienced grower, there is information that will help you improve your crop.

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From the forum

How to Grow Marijuana Forum - Growing Marijuana Indoors & Hydroponics

61 thoughts on “How to Grow Marijuana

    • That means grams per metre (39″) squared. This is normally by professional growers under optimum conditions with 600W – 800W equivalent lighting.

  1. Bought the Ryan Riley special two years ago. Without doubt this saved me more money than any lights, nutes or other crap I bought. Love you guys.

  2. Hi, I am looking for a grower that does not use their trim leaves, specifically fan leaves. I am interested in juicing and seeing as how I have searched for days on end – I need some help. If any grower is willing to get rid of their fan leaves, please email me at white.summer09@yahoo.com.

  3. before a
    week i spray my plants with a
    pesticide and now they has start
    to have little signs of burn in the
    leaves.what can i do to avoid the
    burning of the plants?

    • NEVER, EVER spray cannabis with a pesticide, while smoking it destroys the pesticide residual, any patient who uses a Volcano Vaporizer will get the actual poison in their system.!

    • I don’t know on which purpose you sprayed your plant(s) with a pesticide but i prefer to work with products only from nature you could make a very good product from nettle, i don’t know for sure if that’s the good word for it but its brandnetel in dutch,

      1 .Search for nettle (in that area you can grow cannabis very good because it’s soil is rich in nitrogen) if i’m not using the good word, google: Brandnetel and see.

      2. You need about 5 kilogram of it for 5 liters water.

      3 So you need also a bucket or someting else from plastic to mix it up.

      4 Cut the nettle in small pieces en drop them in the bucket.

      5. Pour the water in but stay far enough from the top of the bucket, because of the fermenting proces the water level wil rise.

      6. Put in 250 gram’s of suger, because of this you will speed up the proces of fermenting, and this will ad alchohol to the mixture + insects don’t like alchohol.

      7. Mix it up once a day, but beware it will stink like hell.

      8. After about two till four weeks it’s ready, if there are no bubbles and it’s the fluid is clear it’s ready for use. but before use in a sprayer you need to put your mixture in a sieve to clear small pieces.

      9. Do not use this mix without diluting it, use 1 liter of mix with 10 liters of water.

      10. Keep your mix stored closed, so you can keep it good for a longer time and don’t have the smell of it.

      This mix is good for your plants because its a naturel pesticide and also add’s different minerals and nitrogen to your soil and plants.

      Have fun growing!

    • You need to trim the steel were the headbut wil grow, right above the last internode then, there will grow two new headbud’s and you will force your plant to become more like a bush.

    • Allow your plant to develop around 4 or 5 internodes and then snip out the growing tip just above the 4th or 5th nodes. Two new growing tips will form from the top node.

  4. I was given 2 plants by a neighbor and they are both from the same crop…however, 1 is hardy and one is limp, leaves curling. They both are in the same room-I water them both the same time and amount so what is the problem Every day for the past week I have to pick off the dying leaves. Whats up?

  5. hy keanon here. My sativa plants stem is bending at the bottom, The leaves are healthy but the tips are curling abit and can i use ice water instead of tap water ?

    • 9dv2I live in so cal where it has essentially been summer all winter.
      I planted a few outdoor plants in early Sept and they are now budding up nicely with trichomes galore. My concern is that we may, at some point, have some cooler weather and if lucky, some rain. How will this affect quality. Should I somehow protect from heavy rain etc. I would appreciate an education on this please.

  6. Please tell me best way to germnating method also what bestsoil I done the shot glass I am suppose to warm or cold water somebody help me please asap

  7. Hi all.. I have 2 clones growing indoors using a grow light from Home Depot, they started to bud as I have cut light to 8 hrs, how long will full budding take normally?

  8. I have enjoyed this forum and will be back im a first time grower and im getting to the budding phase so looking for some advise. Growing indoors in dirt. Not sure if I should ad anything to the dirt besides the cal-mag I’ve been using?

    • was a stoner back in the 70’s and 80’s. used to grow back then. been away from the lifestyle since then and want to use the big weed again since I have medical problems now. think I can get the benefits of it.

    • It is a very good question. If it is the right time of the year, very early spring we would suggest growing outside. Start germination off inside, see this guide http://howtogrowmarijuana.com/seed-germination and then when the plant is maybe four inches tall report it in a large two foot wide pot with excellent soil, we recommend purchasing soil so it is bug free. You can try Ideal Soil we have heard good things about them. Give the plant some support with a stick or piece of wire. However if you want to grow inside you will have greater control and we suggest grabbing a Cash Crop from guys like Dealzer. We would suggest starting out small scale with lights, you could consider using full spectrum LEDs instead of HID lights, the LEDs give off far less heat and cost 50% less to run for the same amount of light – note these are the only LED lights on the market that are actually full spectrum and grow from seed to harvest, i.e. there are no gaps or bands in the spectrum.

      Either way you will need some seeds and http://www.herbiesheadshop.com/ have a terrific selection of both inside and outside varieties.

      Good luck Any questions, check out our forum.

  9. Hi, I’m growing for first time , after germination I put my seed in the soil , after 1 week half of them have grown with 2 small leaf others not , all seeds are same and condition is same . why others have not been grown yet ?

    • This can be down to a lot of factors. Try not to move germinating seeds too early. Make sure they get some light after the initial germination, i.e. not buried. Some seeds do just die, it is a fact of life…

  10. I have 2 nicely started plants that I am growing in my greenhouse. They are about 8 inches tall at this point. One seems to have the beginning of buds on it already. They have a fairly warm environment and look healthy. I have no idea how tall they are supposed to get or if we stake them? Or, for that matter, how to harvest. Any advice for a beginner?

  11. andrew Womble

    just want to get something off my chest here. I am an american currently living in serbia. I miss america and i miss her sweet sweet weed plants. i want to come home and get high off some quality plants grown by someone who cares. the weed in serbia suck so bad that i dont even smoke anymore. whats the point if all i do is get paranoid and sleepy? keep up the growing my fellow famers and love your plants!

    • As long as you can control the lighting. Try joining our forum where you can ask specific questions of experienced growers.

  12. im a beginner grower and I want to know the watts for the LED lights. and the numbers or watts or what ever they go by. what is good for about 4 plants?

  13. Hi. I am growing for the 1st time , I am growing in my close. I got 4 70 watt high output blue grow lights , I keep them on from about 6:30 am to 10-10:30 pm , they grew two inches by me doin that but I feel like they should be gettin bigger …if anybody can help me with making them grow bigger and better plz email me at Cassandraramadhan@yahoo.com. Plz anybody I will pay for your help

  14. I have been smoking awhile and have never been interested in growing. I do save all the seeds for some reason. I was just thinking of maybe trying my hand at growing the seeds to see if i could grow my own weed. think this is an idea that could work or am i just fooling myself?

  15. I ordered some seeds from you and they havent yet arrived i problem cause I was billed for them just never received them can you find out whats happened to the order please. I ordered Tangerine Dream a 5 pack approx. 2-3 weeks ago Please send me an email once you figure it out ok thank you marty mcneil

  16. I was wondering if I could send you guys some pics on what the best places to grow weed at on the places I got on camera, so if I could get somebodies email whos a professional I would be happy to here with spot you think is the best thanks, here’s my email thedudes182@gmail.com

    • Austin, we can’t answer individula questions like this. You should join our forum and ask questions there. We have experienced growers who can help you out there

    • Hey Ras, the 12/12 light cycle will help kick start the blooming or flowering period but it will not be instant so until you see the first sign of buds it has not yet occurred externally but may have occurred in the plant internally – hope that helps.

  17. if you have bad pain but not dieing of cancer can smoking this weed help for pain. and are there diffrent types of weed that may help more then others. i suffer from bad pain every day and pain level is very bad from bone problems and disk problems in my neck and back. tylenol #3 dont work to well and i am taking too much so i am afrain of hurting my liver.

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